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Ira B. Jones Mission Statement: The Ira B. Jones learning community is committed to empowering ALL students to become highly successful global citizens.

Measuring Student Learning

Every year we talk more and more about student assessment and how our understanding of students' strengths and needs will help us better reach each individual learner. That is true. We can better help our students by knowing where they are performing - but there are many different ways to gather that data. Here is a great article on Edutopia showcasing three tools classrooms can use to help get a different view of student achievement.

In a broader sense, here is last year's data shared by April Dockery, the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning. As educators we need to remain aware of our data - our classroom, school, and district data. This past week I learned that Jones is still classified as a FOCUS school in North Carolina because of the size of the gap between our highest and lowest performing subgroups. However, last year we started to narrow that gap and I do believe if we work TOGETHER we can continue our progress.

I referenced linked articles's focus on measuring student learning. Here is an example of teachers at Jones using padlets (digital bulletin board) to present what they have learned.

What do you have to share? It is okay to share and brag about the cool things you are doing in YOUR class. Here is a digital wall for you share out on.

Early Release Day Plans

This Friday is Early Release Day - we dismiss at 12:00, will have a staff-only potluck lunch in the cafeteria and then teachers are free to work in their rooms. During lunch Deanna LeMotte from Triple P parenting will be giving us a brief share-out of what she is offering at Jones this year. Bring a dish to share out! We will provide plates, silverware, and such.

The schedule for the day (given out in BOY materials):

Early Release Schedules for 2015-2016

Food will be delivered to each room by the cafeteria – so Ms. Lynn will need lunch counts on Early Release days.

We will NOT have recess on Early Release Days


Prioritize Fundations (K-3), Literacy and Math instruction

Early Release Schedule

Grade Level Specials

5th Grade 8:10-8:45

1st Grade: 8:50 – 9:25

Kindergarten: 9:30-10:05

2nd Grade: 10:10-10:45

3rd Grade: 11:30-12:05

4th Grade: 10:50-11:25

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Volunteers at First Baptist Church of Asheville - they serve 12 Jones students every Wednesday. Snacks, 1:1 tutoring, play time, dinner AND transportation.

Parent Discussion Group and Lunch - K-2

Friday, Oct. 16th, 11am-12pm

Media Center, Jones Elementary

Parents are invited to come have lunch and participate in a discussion by Triple P: Positive Parenting Program - this week's focus is on discipline.

Community Night

Sunday, Oct. 11th, 5-6:30pm

Lee Walker Heights, Youthful Hands Building

THIS EVENT MAY BE RESCHEDULED - PLEASE STAY TUNED. Activities included pumpkin decorating, dinner, and curriculum feature with parents focused on math in the classroom.

This event is part of our Racial Equity work.

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Salary and Bonus Information

This week administrators heard more about the new salary schedule and bonus checks included in the new state budget. Ms. Watson shared out the complex formulas and scaffolding for who gets the bonuses. Here is a FAQ to help us better understand. Our Finance Office is working to offer a version that might be a little easier to understand but I wanted you to have this as soon as possible.
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Don't forget to make your United Way donation - every donation counts toward our school-wide participation!