Medieval Jousting

The Sport of the Past

What does this represent about Medieval Europe?

Medieval jousting represents the entertainment for the people of Medieval Europe. Jousting tournaments were held for pure entertainment purposes.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

  • Who?

Knights from all over Europe came to compete in the tournaments. People from all over the land came to watch the event.

  • What?

Jousting is where two people ride on horses, they both have lances pointed towards each other. The winner is the person who knocks the other person off his horse. The tournaments would have a bracket and whoever did not lose would be the winner.

  • When?

Jousting started in the early 11th century.

  • Where?

Jousting took place all over Europe.

  • Why?

The Europeans jousted and held tournaments for pure entertainment. They would get a nice break from the work they had to do.

  • How?

You would have to get a royal permit before you could hold a tournament. You would then challenge good jousters to your tournament.

Why is this topic important?

This topic is important because jousting meant a lot to the Medieval Europeans. Jousting was a way for Europeans to go enjoy themselves. They would often make it family-friendly so that the people could bring their kids to the event. Jousting is important for people today to learn about because then they know what Medieval Europeans did for fun.

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