By: Alli Rankin

Breed History

The origin is not totally documented. They are estimated to have been from rome, coming from drover dogs, some indicate origins close to that of the mastiffs. They were later found in Rottweil, Germany in the 19th century working as guard dogs during meat deliveries.

Quick Breed Facts

AKC Breed Category:


AKC Breed Standards:

Female: Height: 22-25ins Weight: 85-115lbs

Male: 24-27ins Weight: 95-130lbs

Life span: 11-12 yrs

Colors: Black usually with red/ rusted marking

Disqualifying traits: Unilateral crypt orchid, or crypt orchid

AKC Performance Category: They are most commonly seen in obedience.

The ideal owner and pros and cons of owning a Rottweiler

The ideal owner of a Rottweiler should be an experienced pet owner. they should be prepared to spend a lot of time with obedience training, though they are very willing learners. Needs to be prepared to deal with a very large dog. There is moderate grooming and daily exercise. They are working dogs so they need someplace to put their energy towards.


They have good personality traits; loyal, protective, very loving and good with families and other pets. They are lower maintenance. They do not have very many breed prone health risks.

CONS: The diseases they are commonly prone to, along with most other large dogs, are hip dysplasia, ACL damage, and eye problems. They are very large dogs, that require many hours in training and daily exercise. Can be prone to aggression if not monitored and trained properly.

Breed purpose and personality

In 19th century Germany they were used to help with meat deliveries. They are still most commonly known for their protective/ guard dog nature.

This breed is very loyal and protective. They are good with children and other pets.


Hip Dysplasia: joints fail to develop normally leading to loss of function. Most common in puppies/ young adults. Can also occur do too, to rapid of a growth rate.

Bloat: distention of the stomach due to rapid gas fill up, may cause stomach to turn or flip, causing lack of blood supply to the organ.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy: destruction of the retinal cells in both eyes, leading to blindness. The first sign is night blindness. This disease is irreparable.

Puppy Information

Price of purchasing a new puppy: 600-2500$

Breed rescue site:

Breed profile: Moose- I am Moose, formerly Zeus. I weigh 95 pounds and I am neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, tested negative for Heartworm, and on preventatives. If you love the Rottweiler breed, there is a very good chance you would love me !! I like to prance in a large, securely fenced area so I can play ball or just lean against my person to have my chest scratched. I need a lot of exercise as Foster Mom keeps saying: "A TIRED DOG IS A HAPPY DOG." Since it is a ALL about me...I would be happiest as the only pet in a family.

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