My Awsome Poems


Alot of J's In One Poem- Alliteration

Jumping joes jumpied into jerris jelly.

Then joe jumpied into jerris toe joe.

Then joe and jerri jean went jelly.


Follow the yellow brick road,

Go to the school to see the barn,

Owl will grant your wish

Tick Tock Clock -limerick

There was an old clock.

That went tick tock.

The clock started to chime.

So the mice started to climb.

When it strock 12 it yelled tick tock.

Old Time -Couplet

There was an old man

thet always ate ham

there was an old dog

who like to swim in the bog

then there was an old cat

that like to skat.


On Saturday my happy mother and i went to Dillions

and got 4 huge and juicy steaks for dinner.

then we went home and fired up the grill my mom siad

it will take the huge and juicy steaks 1 hour to cook

my impatence will not go good it is going to blow a gasket..

then i hear my mom and she said it is time to eat.

Saturday - Metaphors and Similies

Saturday i go to kaylyns house firs we start by playing chuucky.

and we all were very scary!!!!

after hat we went down stairs and messed with Dozer

and he licked me on the face ..

when her mom and moke came up stair and started to yell like a bigfoot.

then he siad "your rooms are like a tornado came through."

so they had to clean it what seemed like forever................

3 hours later we went to olivas house and we played

with her ducks and there butts are really soft.

it was has soft as a silk pillow.

then my mom and came to pick me up so i had to go home. the end....