Mrs. Hamblen & Mrs. Whaling's K3

November 30th - December 4th

This Week...

We mastered the letter Jj. The kids did awesome with both writing Jj, and the sound that it makes.

We learned about candy canes. We talked about the red/white/red/white pattern and also the story of the candy cane: "J" is for Jesus, the color representation, (white, because He's pure, and red for His blood that was shed for our sins) and when the candy cane is right side up, it looks like a shepherd's staff, which represents God as our Shepherd.

We also learned the story of David and Goliath and that even though Goliath was bigger, David had God on his side, and God always wins! (I Samuel 17)

Next Week...

Candyland Christmas Shop time! Mrs. Whaling and I will take the kids Christmas shopping for their loved ones. They will have so much fun with this!!

We will focus on the letter Kk.

We will learn the story of Elijah (I Kings 16-18).

We will also learn all about Christmas trees!

Homework: Bring your decorated Christmas tree back Monday/Tuesday!