Winter Wonderland Project

By: Lauryn S.


I believe that we should use Pizza Palace because it has a low price that is in the budget price 1000 dollars, we could also have more people at the party fed because of this choice.

I believe that we should use Spin City because it allows a longer period of time of music of your choice for a very low price.

Lets Grab Some Grub, and get our party on!

Critical thinking questions

1. I used the equation that was provided from the flyers then i placed a number (within the 50 counting increment) and solve the equation from there.

2.Yes, because if you have 7 students eating from Burger Bonanza and 5 students eating from Pizza Palace the total cost for both will be $90. I found this out by dividing and multiplying and then I came up with my answer above.

3.You have to do it in a certain order to get it right. If you do it in the wrong order it might be incorrect.

4. The maximum amount of people that can come to the party is 118 people and it is only 6 dollars away from the 1000 dollar budget. You can’t have a decimal or fraction as an answer because wee are talking about people eating ad you can’t have ½ of person at the party it’s impossible! (OK not exactly but they would be dead..)