Wacky Toads

A fat toad is a happy toad!

By: Chelsea Gillespie

Wait! Before you go to the pet store and consider getting a jumpy frog consider getting a warty toad Even though toads are not as jumpy as frogs they still are almost the same earthier way, so read and see a lot of wacky facts about toads.

Hoppy Homework!

A toad is one of the many animals that you have to take care of every day instead of an every other day animal like a fish. One of the things that are a homework thing is to feed the toad or toad’s crickets or worms the crickets and worms have to be alive and moving because the toad will only eat things that are alive. The toad will have to live in an aquarium. A big homework thing! Make sure that the aquarium is not short off the ground so any bigger animals won’t eat it.

TOADally Starting out!

Back to the aquarium. In the aquarium the toad will need to have wet soil or dirt and a water bowl that you would find at a local pet store, By the way if you caught the toad and it was wild you need to decorate the aquarium so that it looks like where it came from. Also in the aquarium put it in a place where there is not a lot of sun light.

Easy Living

Make a small climbing space for the toad just so it can have something to during the day. Toads can eat lots of different things like crickets which are the most common thing for a toad to eat but worms are also a good thing for toads to eat and if you have a good sized toad like ‘’woodhouse’s toad range in head-body length 2 to 4 inches’’. The good thing for it to eat is small fish that you can find at the pet store

cool toad calling toad


Toady tips

· 1 toad = 15 gallon tank

· 2 toads = 25 gallon tank

· 3 toads = 30 gallon tank….. and so on

· Do Not put a toad with a frog

· Toads can only have purified water

· Do not let the toad die because your house will stink!

Sadly The End

I hope you will now consider getting a wacky warty toad instead of a jumpy frog! Also I hope you now know how to fully take care of a toad and know the good and bad things that are for toads.


Missouri's TOADS and FROGS by: Jeffrey T. Briggler and Tom R. Johnson