By Jillian L.


Nitrogen is a mix of DNA, RNA and proteins that are basically what we breathe. It's required for us to grow and live, even if the nitrogen in the atmosphere is 'unavailable' to us humans when it's in the air. Even when it's 80% of the atmosphere.

Nitrogen Chemical Reactions

Nitrogen w/ Oxygen - Heating them together gets Nitrogen Oxide, which is oxidized to nitrogen dioxide that reacts to water to give out nitric acid.

Nitrogen dioxide and water - only react at high temperatures that produce various oxides of oxygen. Nitric oxide, NO, is a gas used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid; in air it forms nitrogen dioxide, NO2, a poisonous reddish brown gas. Nitrogen monoxide is the systematic name for nitric oxide. Nitrogen dioxide is used to produce nitric acid and also known as liquid dioxide, nitrogen peroxide and nitrogen tetroxide.

Nitrogen and Hydrogen - Forms either ammonia or ammonium-

  • Ammonia - colorless pungent of gas that's lighter that air and soluble in water, used to produce nitrogenous fertilizers, nitric acid and explosives.
  • Ammonium - Compounds that can occur during the vapor phase. When in contact with hydrogen chloride vapor, a white cloud of ammoniun chloride forms that settles out as a solid with a white layer on the surface

Chemical reaction - include most commonly

  • burning
  • fermentation
  • tarnishing
  • rusting

Types of Chemical Reactions -

  • Substitution reactions
  • Double displacement reactions
  • Acid-base reactions
  • Combustion reactions
  • Combination reactions
  • Decomposition reactions

inorganic and Organic Reservoirs for Nitrogen

Organic Reservoirs- Amino acids, Peptides, Nucleic acids and Proteins (vital to an organisms survival)

Inorganic - Man made Fertilizers and Ammonia (less important to the organism's survival)

Pathway of Movement

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Impact of Humans


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