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Weekly Updates from the ALANA Intercultural Board

May 8th - May 14th

Farewell to ALANA Seniors!

The ALANA 2016-2017 Executive Board says farewell to our graduating Seniors. Thank you for your hard work and dedication this year! Best wishes for your continuing endeavors. You will be missed!

Pictured left to right: Hillary Yeboah, Haadia Amjad and Joseph Kidane

Not pictured: Nina Kitele and Nia Marshall

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We are pleased to present the newly elected ALANA Executive Board for 2017-2018 school year.

President - Marisa Knox (mbk94)

Vice-President External Affairs - Adaugo Ezike (aoe5)

Vice-President Internal Affairs - Richard Escobar (rre29)

Vice-President Finance - Aaliya Khan (avk46)

Positions still needed to be filled:

Vice-President Programming - Vacant

Vice President Public Relations - Vacant

If you are interested applying for these positions, please contact

Upcoming Events

Summer Camp Supply Drive

The nonprofit organization Orisun Collective is organizing a supply drive for their annual summer camp in Lagos, Nigeria for secondary school students.

Donations will be collected for supplies such as notebooks, used or new digital cameras, pens, pencils, art supplies (crayons, paints, colored markers, chalk), and non perishable snacks (trail mix, granola bar, and crackers). They would really appreciate our support. There are donation boxes set up in Keeton and Ujamaa.

How To Remove Yourself From A Listserv

Below, please find the information to remove yourself from ANY list serve on Cornell's campus.

The Big Red Shuttle

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We are excited to present the Big Red Shuttle, Cornell's first free late-night transportation service for students who need a safe ride home.

Initially, the Big Red Shuttle provided students with rides during exam periods. However, the need for additional means of late-night transportation has become clear. Now, the Big Red Shuttle is no longer an academic-only resource, but one that provides timely and free transportation to Cornell students everywhere in need of a safe ride home.

Starting Friday, 10/14 , the Big Red Shuttle will run a 20-minute route every Friday and Saturday night from 12am-3am with a professional driver and two student aids trained by Cayuga's Watchers.

To learn more, please see the poster below. Check out our website Have questions? Feel free to drop us a note at


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