McDonalds In China


Bamboo Salad

McFish Sandwich

Panda Popcorn Chicken

Terryaki and Rice Bowl

Fried Octopus Tentacles

Double Quarter Quaker

Green Tea Smoothie

Noodles and Veggies

Pickled Pig's feet

Frog legs

Dress Code

All employees must wear Plaid shirts, with The McDonald's logo, khaki pants, and a McDonald's conical hat.
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Building Design

Tall Buildings with canopy style roofs and many windows.
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The food, dress code, building design, and other factors relate to the culture of China because these components of the culture are significant to the people and places of China. They all originated in China and are incorporated in the history of China. Also all these components represent what China has looked like for thousands of years. Having a McDonald's in China represents globalization because it started in America, then China started having McDonald's but they but their own spin on it with parts of their culture. They take it then make it their own with factors that are significant to their country and culture. That is globalization
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