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Guns cause too many deaths in America, more than 32,000 US citizens to gun violence every year (Everitt). In the US there are an average of 87 deaths a day. Some of these deaths are accidental or intentional (Everitt). For an example, The Sandy hook incident in 2012 was a mass shooting that was intentional.

"Self Defense"

Yes there are valid reasons to carry a gun around for self defense but, "Five women are murdered with guns every day in the United States"(ProCon). Women are more likely to die during domestic abuse if there is a gun involved. 500% of women are at risk of being killed by guns during domestic violence.

Also, gang members claim to use the guns for self-defense, which is true, but they should not be involved with people that do bad task.

Mass Shootings in the USA

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This poll shows the different news channels options on guns and banning them.