Who was Omar Bradley

Who was Omar N. Bradley

Omar N. Bradley is a Famous Missourian because he is a military officer.He was borne Feb 12 1893 he was a the first borne out of one kid. he had a little brother name john Omar brother died age of two.Omar father died when was just 14. When Omar move to Mobley with his mother. That is where Omar attend School Omar died April 8 1981.

Who was he

Omar n. Bradley storm the beach of Normandy.He was a five start general. He lead 40,000 to the beach of Normandy.

Impact on the world

Omar n. Bradley made Hitlers army's surrender to the u.s.a. The battle was called Bulge. It happen in Dec 16,1944.

Should we be more like him.

yes we should be like Omar i am not saying join the army. if you don't want but show lots of respect.That is what Omar n. Bradley did