Study skills

Effective skills to help you study!

Note Taking Methods

There are many methods on how to take notes! There is just taking your own notes and writing down important things you will need to know! In doing this method you will be writing in your own word and writing what is important to you so when you go over those notes to study you will have everything! Something Negative about this method is that you might right more then you have to! Another method is using the outline a teacher will give you, where you fill in the blank that goes with the note. It is usually used with power points.A positive aspect of this method is the that you have everything your teacher thinks is important to know! A negative aspect is you don't soak up all the teacher is saying because your just filling in the blank.

Test Taking Strategies

•Look over notes a least two days before the test.

•Sleep well

•When taking the test don't get stuck in one question.

•If you need to remember something, as soon as you get the test write it at the top of the paper.

•If you can skip around

• Do easy things first or hard things first

•Work backwards

• Do the things you have trouble with first

•Chew some gum or eat a mint

• Do your best

Studying pictures

Effective Study Skills

•Go over your notes

•Ask yourself questions

•Answer those questions on paper

•Having someone quiz you

•Study with a partner

•Ask questions if you need help

•Repeat things out load

•Repeat saying things

•Tell someone what you learned

• Try doing something without the notes