Parent Newsletter

Macdonald Drive Junior High, September, 2020

Dates to Remember

  • October 4 to 10 - Fire Prevention Week
  • October 7 - Virtual Curriculum Night, 7pm
  • October 12 - Thanksgiving Day holiday
  • November 11 - Remembrance Day
  • November 30 to March 12 - Term 2


We are happy to announce that Ms. Jennifer Riggs is the newest member of our administrative team! Ms. Riggs has been hired as our second 0.50 Assistant Principal. She started on Monday, September 21. Congratulations, Ms. Riggs!

Coming up...

Virtual Curriculum Night

Our Virtual Curriculum Night will be on the evening of Wednesday, October 7, starting at 7 pm. You should have already received an email from your child’s homeroom teacher giving you the details. If you have not, please reach out to this teacher before October 7.

This email will include a link to the Google Meet that has been set up for your homeroom class. All you need to do is click on this link and the Google Meet will open up in your browser. No need to log in to your child's account or even have any fancy equipment! If you do not have a camera or mic, you can still hear and see what is going on - other people won't be able to hear and see you though. Teachers will be cycling through this Google Meet space at scheduled times. Please note: This is our first time trying this, so please be patient in case we hit some unforeseen glitches. Technology is great when it works!

Also, in other years, our administration of Ms. Pike, Ms. Hardy, and Ms. Riggs would present a slideshow to start the evening. We can’t do that this year, but here is the slideshow for you to view before you meet with the teachers.

NEW! Grab and Go Breakfast Program

The Breakfast Program at MDJH helps our students start out their day nutritiously so that they are ready to learn and able to focus on their classroom activities. We will be starting our breakfast program very soon as a ‘Grab and Go.’ We need your help! In order to get this wonderful program up and running we need parent/guardian volunteers to help out. We need people from 7:20-8:10 am to help prepare and pass out food to students. If you are able to help, please contact Karen Walsh at


MDJH along with NLESD are very pleased to announce that we have received 3 additional buses to help with our student transportation. All homes with students that are eligible for busing (according to Government policy) have been contacted. This will start on Monday morning, October 5.

For a summary of how eligibility is determined, as well as how bus routes and bus stops are developed, please see the District’s Bus Route & Stop Design Guidelines. Seating plans will be developed for the updated routes at a later date once the courtesy seating process has concluded. However, we ask that students continue to follow the general loading procedures as follows:

  • Load from back to front
  • Siblings sit together

Please go to the District’s website and select the school bus icon on the far right that is associated with your school to locate the student’s bus route, bus stop, and pickup/dropoff schedule.


Even if a student was eligible for transportation on the first day of school and assigned a bus route, please review the updated routes on the website because the student’s bus route and/or pickup/dropoff times may have changed with the redesign of bus routes and extra buses.

We ask for your patience as there may be delays to the pickup/dropoff times as we work out any issues that typically arise when new routes are implemented at the beginning of the school year.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

School Council

Here are the school council members for the 2020/2021 school year:

David Pine (Chair) email:

Christina Pike (P) email:

Daisy Hardy (VP) email:

Jennifer Riggs (VP/Teacher Rep) email:

Colette Quann (Teacher Rep) email:

Treena Boyde email:

John Sandlos (Secretary) email:

Karen Roche email:

Deborah Coombs email:

Daryll Budgell email:

Virtual meetings using Google Meet are scheduled for the first Monday of every month at 6pm.

Guidance Google Classroom

Mrs. Watton has just reactivated her Guidance Google Classroom. Check it out for tips and strategies for lowering your stress and anxiety! Go to and enter the code: peb3w63
PowerSchool Login

Keep up to date with student attendance and marks! If you need your PowerSchool password, please contact the main office at 753-8240.

What's been going on...

Visit the School Library – Online!

Ms. Power is hard at work getting the school library up and running for students. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, students are not allowed to physically browse the books, but have no fear! Ms. Power has a solution! Simply click on the link below, and you can browse our books online! Requested items will be delivered to students in their classes, and returned items will be quarantined until they can be safely shelved and checked out again.

Check it out by clicking

Chartwells NEW! Order lunch online!

The school Cafeteria is open! And for your convenience, all ordering and payment will now be done online.

To access online ordering, parents/guardians need to sign up for CafZone. The link is HERE. Orders will be accepted until 7:45 the morning of the order day. There will be NO in-person ordering. Students are currently not eating in the cafeteria; class reps pick up orders and bring them back to the Homeroom, where students can either eat their lunch with their cohort in class or bring their lunch outside, weather permitting.

A copy of the cafeteria menu is available HERE.

Chartwells has new safety practices. Click HERE to view.

All information is available on our web page at Search Chartwells.

Please keep in mind that due to public health restrictions all of our local food establishments are operating at 50% capacity.


Mr. Smith's Grade 8-3 Science class had a great time on an educational field trip at Kenny's Pond. They were studying 'Water Quality in Freshwater Ecosystems.' A.J. Baggs was the lucky student with the rubber boots who got to measure the depth and turbidity of the water.

Orange shirt day

Class 7-8 participated in Orange Shirt Day on September 30, learning about the impact of residential schools on the Indigenous population of Canada. They also took a lesson in citizenship that day, cleaning up garbage around the school community.

Welcome French Language Assistant

We would like to welcome Balthazar Stengelin, a French language assistant who has been assigned to MDJH for this school year. We are very fortunate to have a French language assistant as it gives all our Core French and Immersion students exposure to a native French speaker. He will work in classrooms directly with students and teachers, work with students in small groups, conduct conversation classes, address class groups to share cultural information incorporating culturally-related objectives of French programs and assist in developing materials with students for their later use.

Other scoops!

2019-2020 Yearbooks

The 2019-2020 yearbooks have arrived and have been distributed to the grade 8 and 9 students who ordered one. They have also been dropped off to Gonzaga for distribution to our former grade 9 students. There are a small number available for purchase. Please contact Mme Quann at if you are interested in purchasing a yearbook from last year.

Celebrate Student Successes

We want to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of the students of MDJH. We have a Wall of Celebration where we will place a Certificate of Acknowledgement highlighting participation and success in a variety of activities. We want to know if your child has participated in any plays, musicals and athletics. We need your help with this. Please let us know so we can proudly display this on our Celebration Wall. Please email with Celebrate YOUR CHILD’S NAME in the subject line.

Math Problem of the Week

The Macdonald Drive Junior High Math Department is pleased to announce the return of the Math Problem of the Week this year. Each week, teachers will present the question to students in homeroom, or by request, and at the end of the week the names of participants with correct responses will be entered into a draw, with the winner receiving a free extra value meal from McDonald's.

MDJH Sports Program

MDJH is looking for coaches for the grade 7 boys' and girls' volleyball teams. If you are interested please contact Scott Mercer ( or Donald Mackey