what is it ?

what is it ?

silver is a metal it has a high malleability rate and is vary shiny its color is a well silver color or gray with a sheen to it. Its room temperature state is a solid. Silver can be found in small quantity's in many locations under ground and some times larger amounts to.

what does it do for us?

Silver is a big part of our every day lives when you turn on your phone or a light in you house the thing that lets that happen is silver is a great conductor of electricity. Silver is also good in small amounts for medicine silver ions act as a catalyst by absorbing oxygen, witch kills bacteria. Silver is used for mechanical parts, medicine and x rays, jewelry, musical instruments, and much more.
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Silver has 47 protons this is also its atomic number, silver also has 61 neutrons in its nucleus. Silver has 47 electrons in its energy clouds. It also has 11 valance electrons.

who found it and when? Does it react to any thing?

silver has no documented discoverer and no found date it was just simply know since ancient times. reactions to acid :Silver metal dissolves in hot concentrated sulfuric acid, silver metal also will dissolve in dilute or concentrated nitrite acid(HNO_3) .

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samantha godinez, alyssa cuevas, YULIANA JARAMILLO: 4th period