Campus Instruction

The LMS side of Infinite Campus

Far more than just attendance and grades ...

Come to this workshop to explore the various tools available for teachers in Campus Instruction, a growing part of the Infinite Campus student information system. These tools include online assignments, online assessments, threaded discussions, teacher messaging, newsletter creation & distribution, student grouping, and comprehensive reporting.

In the near future, Campus Instruction will add tools for curriculum management, as well as integration with: Google Drive, LTI compliant content vendors, and competency-based learning.

All of these tools are part of the Infinite Campus core product. There is no additional expense for any of these components of Campus Instruction.


Workshop Information: Where/When/Cost

This workshop is brought to you by the WiRCC and CESA 10, and will be held on three separate dates this summer: June 29, July 19, and August 9. It will run from 8:30am to 3:30pm at CESA 10 in Chippewa Falls, WI. Register through myQuickReg. Your workshop facilitator will be Neil Johnson. Lunch is provided. This workshop is available at no cost to educators from school districts that subscribe to this CESA 10 service - Technology Consulting and Staff Development (LS 5.) Otherwise, WiRCC Campus Academy members pay $100, and all others pay $200, per participant.

Questions, contact Neil Johnson 715/720/2127

*** Important Message ***

Before coming to this workshop, verify that your school's Infinite Campus administrator has given you all of the tool rights for Campus Instruction and Online Assessment, and that you have an account on Campus Community with a username and password.