Jessica Villanueva

Rio de Janeiro

airfare cost and schedule

I will leave April 23,2014 and come back May 16,2014 theres 1 stop 33 hours. Soaring through the air There would be no colleague or goodies because you would have to profit the money to get food. I am taking American Airlines. My aerodome is in Denver, Colorado.


The hotel for 3 people but 2 rooms is Hotel Atlantico Copacabana because it has air conduction, bar and lounge, work out room (gym) wifi and a pool and it all costs


history and culture


I would be taking for transportation is a 8 Wheel HUMMER H2 for rides back and forth anywhere i go It will cost only $125 back and forth so it will cost around $250 or more.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Rio De Janerio has a lot of problems such as health care, violence. For health care it costs a lot of money to just buy one thing to help a family member or a friend. They would seperate the richest from the poorest. On one side it would be the mansions and the high leveled schools and on the other side there would be the poorest students. So it would be the messed up houses and the non-leveled schools. There's only a few meters away from other peoples houses. There is violence, crime, drug adicts, a lot of police officers, health problems and transportation can be very hard.


In conclusion, going to Rio De Janerio There can be very fun adn difficulte what i mean by difficulte the money and speaking other lanuges and if I go the money will be different. Rio de Janerio would be like a god summer vacation because it will be fun and it will be very hot and if you're with your family you would have ALOT of fun and so you don't have to be board and you would be doing something that you cant stop talking about.