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October 4, 2021
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Get to Know Your Student Council

Congratulations to our newly elected Student Council!

Ava - President

FUN FACTS: My favorite T.V. show is Gilmore Girls. My favorite color is purple. My favorite artists are Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande

As Student Body President, I plan to make a difference by working closely with the rest of the student council so we can give the students new family and school activities. I am excited to share many new ideas. I will be a good role model for the younger grades and I hope to inspire them to run for student council when they get older.

Jaiden - Vice President

FUN FACTS: I like to paint, play volleyball, and hang out with my friends.

I will make sure that the students will have a lot of fun this school year. I will help the Student Body President and make sure that the student body's voice is heard. I will make sure the Student Council listens to students' suggestions of what activities they would like to do.

Taylor - Secretary

FUN FACTS: My favorite food is sushi. I have been in Holy Angels since kindergarten. I do dance, piano, volleyball, and I used to do choir and basketball.

I will try my best to make this school year as memorable and fun as possible by doing activities we didn't get to do last year. I will do my best in taking the role of Student Body Secretary.

Kelan - Vice Secretary

FUN FACTS: I like to play basketball and volleyball, I play the violin, and I like sushi.

I plan to help the school by typing good, organized, and reliable notes. By doing this, people can recall what happened during the Student Council meetings easily. I can help the Secretary by being a good support to her and typing notes along with her.

Jenna - Treasurer

FUN FACTS: I’ve played volleyball since 4th Grade and I am currently on the volleyball team. I enjoy baking and cooking. Some future goals I have are to travel the world, learn how to drive, and go zip lining.

I plan to listen to everyone, whether they are in the older grades or younger grades. I want to bring many ideas regarding fundraisers and activities, and act on them. It would be great to have a more fun and inclusive school year.

Aliyah - Religion Officer

FUN FACTS: I've been swimming for 12 years, I play the piano, guitar, and ukulele, and I love to bake!

I plan to be a good example for the student body and to be a responsible Religion Officer.

Ysabella - Religion Officer

FUN FACTS: I like being with friends most of the time. Music is what I listen to 24/7. Whenever I am bored, I love to annoy my brother.

As a Religion Officer, I want younger students to know more about God because it is better to learn at a young age. I will be active in the Student Council and help the other students be followers of God.

Isaiah - Kindness Officer

FUN FACTS: I love playing basketball, playing video games, and drawing. I like anime and I have two dogs.

This is my last year at Holy Angels and I want to make a big difference in our community by helping the students better understand kindness. I will bring back the kindness boxes so students can recognize kind acts they see from other students.

Deanna - Kindness Officer

FUN FACTS: I like art, I like playing volleyball, and I like reading book series.

I am going to help keep this school year positive, safe and caring. I think that being kind to others is an important act because God wants us to love our neighbors. I will try my best to help show a good example of how we should act toward each other.

Jasmine - Kindness Officer

FUN FACTS: I love playing volleyball. I go on social media a lot after school, and I really like playing online games with friends. I watch a lot of shows on Netflix and love all types of genres.

I can make a difference in our school as Kindness Officer by teaching students the right ways to be like Jesus and treat others with respect. I can also lead the younger students to make our school a safer place by not being a bully and learning how to love our enemies. I will incorporate fun activities students can do so they can learn the importance of being kind and how to be respectful to anyone they meet.

Michael - Safety Officer

FUN FACTS: I enjoy making friends, and I can be nervous when talking to people. I also like playing games.

My plan for this school year is to make it fun and safe. I am hoping to improve the Student Council and the ideas of my peers with my own.

Omar - Safety Officer

FUN FACTS: I am a very funny person and love to make other people happy. I am a very kind and responsible citizen. I am a very caring person and have a heart so that people can talk to me.

I will help by keeping the students who cross the streets safe. I will be a kind, good and responsible student.

Isabella - Safety Officer

FUN FACTS: I enjoy playing basketball, guitar, and love reading books in my spare time.

I plan to make this school a safe and caring environment. I will help plan new activities and safety precautions for the school.

Ezekiel - Safety Officer

FUN FACTS: What is most important to me are my family and friends. My greatest accomplishment was joining Student Council. My favorite song is “Creep” by Radiohead

In my video, I promised safety 3X: I will help with your physical safety, safety against bad people and safety against viruses.

Keanne - Ecology Officer

​​I plan on making a difference by helping students understand that the earth is special and we should take care of it. I will remind students to throw trash in the trash and to recycle and compost.

Leonardo - Ecology Officer

FUN FACTS: I love to play sports. I like hanging out with my friends on FaceTime and playing games with them. I like to draw and sketch random things.

One of the ideas I have is to go on outdoor field trips to community gardens. I would like to give daily environmental tips on how to save our planet. I would also like every class to have a plant that they can learn to take care of.

Lour - Ecology Officer

FUN FACTS: I am persistent, hard-working, and have a good sense of humor.

I will work with my fellow Ecology Officers to help make our school cleaner. Our world is endangered. I'm hoping I can teach others to keep our community clean.

Faustina - Ecology Officer

FUN FACTS: I enjoy playing basketball. I am a girl scout and I am a cadet right now. Lastly, I enjoy watching anime.

As a new student at Holy Angels School, I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the Student Council! I plan to help our Holy Angels community become eco-friendly. I will help educate everyone on how to keep our earth green so everyone can enjoy it! I can't wait to make this 2021-2022 school year extraordinary together!

John Eric - Technology Officer

FUN FACTS: I enjoy drawing random things at random times and watching anime. I want to learn Japanese someday and take a trip to Japan. I enjoy just relaxing or sleeping, sometimes with music.

I plan to make a difference in the school by adding new fun activities through technology for all ages. One activity could be related to how technology has influenced us and has made changes in our lives.

Mikaela - Technology Officer

FUN FACTS: I like to animate and edit videos. My favorite hobby is drawing. I like to watch cartoons (mostly Disney cartoons).

I plan to help the school by improving the posters around the school, like the safety posters. I will help with some graphic designs this school year.

Sienna - Spirit Officer

FUN FACTS: I did competitive gymnastics for 5 years, I love to do photography, and I started going to Holy Angels in 5th grade.

Now that I am a part of the Student Council I plan on giving ideas during the meetings on how to make this school year fun.

Kaydan - Spirit Officer

FUN FACTS: I have 5 names, I love to play basketball, and my favorite color is blue.

I plan to make this school year full of fun and exciting ideas, as well as try new things. I plan to put a smile on peoples’ faces by creating exciting and fun days for students to enjoy themselves.

Francesca - Spirit Officer

FUN FACTS: I play volleyball, my favorite movie is Shang-Chi, and I enjoy photography!

As Spirit Officer I feel that it is my responsibility to keep the student body’s spirit high. I will help make this school year fun and enjoyable, especially coming out of distance learning and not being able to have a normal school year last year.

Jordan - Snack/Hot Lunch Officer

FUN FACTS: I am cooperative, kind, and fun.

I plan to try and find ways to bring back snack and hot lunch to school safely. I will try to bring snack back by having two folding tables near preschool and put the six feet stickers for social distancing. For hot lunch, I plan to bring back the tubs for lunches and use gloves to take them out.

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