by Dylan Carter

what he contributed to the human race.

Ptolemy presented his astronomical models in convenient tables, which could be used to compute the future or past position of the planets.
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his main field was astronomy and a geographer.

his professionalim was astronomy and a geographer.

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time period

bron- 87 ce

-came up with pie π = 3 17/120 = 3.14166 and √3 = 1.73205.

april 6-The tetrabiblos is another one of Ptolemy's famous books. This was republished and available in greek in 1535. This was republished in Nuremburg.

-Ptolemy worked in a library in alexandria from about 127 to 150 a.d. He was known for publishing the Almagest, Tetrabiblos, and Geography.

13 Sep 147-The almagest is one of Ptolemy's books telling about astronomy. This was public at around 147 to 148 a.d.

died-150 ce