Progression of Classification

384 BC-2013

350 BC Aristotle

  • Greek philosopher
  • divided organisms into 2 groups - plants and animals
  • divided animals into blood and bloodless
  • also divided animals into 3 groups according to how they moved - walking, flying, or swimming (land, air, or water



· Classifications of things based on....

· Similarities and resemblances

· Characteristics are inherited


· Knowledge comes from close observation and visual description

· Classification based on reproduction and relationships

· Competition and struggle to survive leads to selection of successful traits over time


· Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old.

· The structure of DNA can be read

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The Present day Classification

The modern classification is an extension of the system of classification proposed by Carolus Linnaeus. The present system of classification involves a series of graded taxonomic ranks called taxa which include phylum and family in addition to the four taxa introduced by Linnaeus.