CCST Re-Entry Plan Phase 1

August 11, 2020

Good Evening CCST Families,

I hope this message finds each of you well and enjoying your summer break. CCST administration was tasked with creating a re-entry plan for students that was safe and provided students with an opportunity to enhance remote learning. After careful planning and input from district leadership, we have developed a plan for Phase 1 that would allow many seniors access to the essential equipment and resources necessary for the successful completion of their programs of study. Instructors have been advised to adjust the pacing and sequencing of their classes to “front load” theory and fundamental components while the juniors are learning remotely. In Phase 1 of the plan, not all programs will be re-entering the school building. Each program underwent a review of the curriculum and pacing to determine the appropriateness and necessity of face to face learning. The total number of students entering the building on any given day will be approximately 20% of the senior class.

Students in the Applied Trades Academy, our 9th grade program, will have the opportunity for face to face instruction one day a week. Students in STEP and LFI will also have the opportunity for face to face instruction one day a week based on the school they attend.

While some programs are not returning to face to face instruction in Phase 1, we are confident in the ability of our teachers and students to continue with meaningful and rigorous learning. CCST administration and county level leadership will work together to identify indicators that will allow for the gradual inclusion of more programs.

Logistics in the school building:

All aspects of the school day will be planned and closely monitored. Hallways will be marked for one way traffic. Restrooms will be assigned to programs for hand washing and sanitizing upon entering the building. Once initial hand washing and sanitizing is complete, restrooms will be limited to monitored spaces to ensure proper cleaning and sanitizing after use. Lockers and locker rooms will not be utilized during Phase 1 of re-entry. All student belongings will be transported to and from CCST on the days that students are assigned.

Students will be in the shop/lab space for the instructional time while at CCST. This will allow for greater distancing amongst the students as these spaces are double or triple the square footage of the classroom spaces as well as accessing essential equipment. It is imperative that parents and students understand the importance of adhering to all health and safety guidelines as we move towards face to face instruction. Hallways will be marked for single directional traffic. Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Hand sanitizer will be available on demand. Masks or face coverings will be required at all times except when eating lunch. We are working with the CCPS transportation department to provide bus transportation for those students who need it. Students who have their own transportation may drive themselves to CCST or be driven by a family member.

We have attached the schedule of face to face meetings for all programs. Please find your program and follow the schedule for the week.

Orientation and back to school meetings will be held virtually this year. During these meetings, teachers and students will be able to discuss learning expectations, resources and student responsibilities.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work together to re-open our school. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. James Miro, Principal or Mrs. Kathryn Payne, Assistant Principal.

James H. Miró


Cecil County School of Technology


CCST Fall 2020 Re-Entry Schedule Phase 1