Guernsey College of FE Weekly Newsletter Issue 5

Welcome to the issue 5 of ENGAGE - From the feedback that we have received this publication is certainly keeping staff up-to-date with what is happening in and around the College. This week is the last issue of ENGAGE for this Academic Year. We hope you have a restful and fullfilling summer break and look forward to welcoming you back in August/September.

If you have an article for the first ENGAGE of the 2014-15 Academic Year please send it to Laura Le Maitre LauraL@gcfe.net by Wednesday 20 August 2014.

Let the dialogue begin...

May I thank you for your comment/suggestions and feedback on the Today, Together, Tomorrow event held on 30 June 2014. I was very encouraged by your responses and look forward to sharing with you in the Autumn term the result of any further dialogue I may have with our stakeholders. You can see the comments you made on the day by clicking here. http://tinyurl.com/lprmpce these are unedited and as written by you.

I will be collating these comments and will feedback to you when you are back next term as to how they will be taken into account as we decide our plans for the future. You can contribute to the dialogue further through the KILN exercise here.


You can also continue the dialouge about the Areas for improvement by providing futher thoughts and ideas on how to address these through this link http://tinyurl.com/lsmy2x8

In response to the request for independent support we are introducing The College Help scheme. This is a brand new and unique service guaranteed to develop the GCFE staff, building confidence and competence at a very low cost.

Click this link to find out more : http://tinyurl.com/nxq54vp

On the day of the event I forgot to ask if there was anyone who would object to being videoed. We have videoed the session with the view to capture the start of our joureny on the pathway to excellence. How this footage will be used is yet to be defined but one use that is already identified is for those staff who were unable to attend the session and would be interested in taking part in the process. Could you please let us know by sending a note to future@gcfe.net if you would object for the footage that was taken to be used? You can view this footage by contacting Charlie Towers if you so wish.

This is the last issue of ENGAGE for this academic year. I would like to thank you for your encouraging feedback and contribution to this publication. We will be back in the new Academic year with more news and updates of the activities over the summer.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work and dedication over the 2013-14 academic year. The several celebration of achievements events that I have been fortunate enough to take part in is a testement to your professionalism and commitment to your students. I wish you a very restful and fulfilling summer break. If you are spending the summer at the College, helping with the preparation, administration and outside term time activities, I hope you find some time to enjoy the quieter period and get on with some of those items on the to do list that have remained on the list for a while.

I am certainly very lucky to spend the summer on our beautiful Island and look forward to trying some more of the fabulous eateries and beaches as the summer unfolds.

Have a great break.

Saboohi Famili

Chief Executive and Principal

College of Further Education

Coutanchez news

I am happy to announce that Sam Sebire, who achieved a BTEC extended diploma with us and completed last year, has won the BTEC National Engineering student of the Year award 2014. He has been selected out of approximately 900 students in the UK. Sam is currently doing his first year engineering degree at Brunel University. Needless to say John and his team are rightly very proud!

We have appointed a new lecturer in IT, Robert Childs – starting in September, the IT team are busy planning for the new qualifications. Construction and Catering have also had busy week like all other departmetns, planning for next year.

Room changes planned for next year - Room 107 will be an additional IT teaching space. We are very pleased to see John Norman back at College and are glad he is feeling much better.

Louise Misselke, Acting Vice-Principal

Delancey News

Art & Design

New curriculum, new learning. Martin and the team very excited about the development of creative technology in the new curriculum.

Health & Early Years

Car Wash for Alzheimer Assoc. funds go towards a beach friendly wheelchair for Alderney man who couldn’t previously access the sand. http://guernseypress.com/news/2014/07/02/off-road-wheelchair-lets-derry-enjoy-beach/


During what has definitely not been a hectic week! Exams, welcome to Sam…and see you soon, best wishes to Katy and bump.


A new addition to the team this week as Stefan F pays a visit for planning before his official September start with team.

Skills Development

#mathsmatters #englishmatters Great staff dev. event Monday with embedding of functional skills


Really positive reaction to Taster day for new learners on Weds. & fond farewell to Sara S. Huge thank you for all you’ve done.

And finally….

End of an era!! Jan & Trish. Smiles, hugs, tears, goodbyes and promises of coming back to say hello.(Supply??) You’ll be missed x

Jeff Stuart

A very excited Administration student...Mel Toynton, who has just started her first job at Travel Solutions

who couldn't wait to tell Martine all about her new job, which she described as her `dream job' and that she has her own desk! It certainly looks like she has made herself at home, and we wish her all the best. Martine also had another student who has also just started work, contact her, who was over the moon at completing her first ever stationery order :)
Big image

Herm Trip - USA Fancy Dress theme

Dan Hunter & Joe Raleigh out to impress as Tom Cruise from Top Gun, and the Statue of Liberty. Great costumes gents - we are impressed!

Big image
Big image

The GCFE 30 Bays in 30 Days Swim Team, after their first dip at Vazon with approximately 600 other Islanders, well done to you all, we look forward to hearing all about it as the month continues


  • Fantastic support from Sara and Cary to help our IT students. Many would not have completed.
  • Really liked your passion to succeed – felt part of a positive way forward.
  • More of everything please!
  • It was fun to repeat corporate games such as potatoes and straws
  • Enjoyed the morning, good teambuilding exercise.


  • The teachers’ room needs a thorough clean. Indeed! We will see what can be done over the summer. Watch this space.
  • Disappointing farewell to staff. We don't like to lose any of our valuable staff and we will welcome your views on how to celebrate their contibution better in future. Ideas are welcome. Use the ideas board or email future@gcfe.net
  • My name is Adam Harvey from SSHS. I am annoyed because I have not been able to complete my test because of the servers on the computer.
  • My name is Mike from SSHS. I am annoyed because I can’t do my 20% of my GCSE. This makes me annoyed and it is not good enough!!!
  • My name is Adam Quinn. I have been waiting for over 2 hours to do my exam and it may be that I cannot do it on the day I was set to do it. Really we have been let down by the quality of the technology.
  • Hi – I am Matthew Le Tissier. I have waited for an hour which I have revised for 2 weeks. I am annoyed about this.
  • My name is Brad Foss. I am upset because I could not finish my test which I have been revising for a long time!!
  • My name is Billy Rive and I am unhappy about the system as it keeps stopping.
  • My name is Chad Le Flock and I am upset because I have been waiting for a whole afternoon for my exam and I still haven’t done it.
  • My name is Archie Lajoee from SSHS. I am unhappy because I am unable to do my exam. I have been waiting 1½ hours.
  • My name is Luke Laine from SSHS. I am unhappy because the system is terrible. Especially as if we are told we finish at 4.30 pm we should. Also because I have been waiting for over an hour and a half.
  • Matt Renouf – I am annoyed because before staring the test I had problems and 15 minutes into it and been waiting ages now.
  • The online exam system is not fit for purpose – John Semenowicz These comments are being researched at present and a solution sought. A letter of apology is sent to students via their tutor.
  • Whistling once was funny and amusing

    Whistling twice ok for crowd control

    Whistling three times became concerning

    Whistling four times became annoying!!!

    Could a countdown clock be considered? Thanks for feedback. Point taken and alternative will be used.

  • Too many people queuing up for activities yesterday 30th June felt like sheep in a pen, activities were slow as we couldn’t see boards to write our comments on as so many being herded into one space. Again thanks for the feedback will take into account for future events. Make sure you will continue to be part of the dialouge. See the link above.

Ideas and Questions

  • Guernsey CFE is not so far behind the times, in fact we could have many advances on other jurisdictions – please do consider this when planning. Will do... and already understood.

ThisIsEPIC_TheHUB_Challenge for Change poster.pdf

A challenge for Change - 7 Marathons in 7 Days!