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For Homeschooling Families

Informational Meeting

Join us to learn what we mean by the phrase "Classical, Christian Home Education". Find out what makes homeschooling in community with Classical Conversations unique. Discover what happens on a CC community school day, and ask all your homeschooling questions.

Email Owassoccsw@gmail.com to attend a meeting.

Park Day!

Homeschool park day! The Funtastic Island shelter is reserved for local homeschooling families from 1-3pm on Monday, May 2nd. Hang out with your homeschooling friends and make new ones while your sugared up kids run like crazies on the playground ;)

Curious about homeschooling? Great! Grab a homeschool mom while you're there and pick her brain. We love to answer questions!

FREE popsicles provided by Classical Conversations of Owasso-Southwest.


Owasso Parent Practicum

The real mission of Classical Conversations is equipping parents to be great educators at home. Therefore, we put a great deal of effort into offering free three-day conferences for parents. These conferences are called Parent Practicums and are held in many locations across the country and in the other countries where Classical Conversations communities meet. This year, Owasso is hosting a Parent Practicum May 16th-18th at Freedom Church. A significant portion of our time at these conferences is spent actually practicing using the classical model, hence the name, Practicum. Morning sessions focus on the classical model in general and afternoon sessions delve deeper into a particular subject.

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Discover the Joy of Homeschooling in Community

Classical Conversations is a home-centered, classical Christian education program that equips you to teach your child through resources and community support. Parents teach their students at home, then join with a weekly community of like minded families and peers who are studying the same materials. Every week, students participate in art projects, science experiments, and public speaking presentations in addition to learning geography, math, science, Latin, English grammar, timeline, and history facts. Our community also spends time together on field trips, social events, and hosts Moms' Nights Out.

Enrollment is now open for fall 2016. Limited spots available.