Leo Beer Facebook Milestone

40,000 Facebook Fans

At 40,000 Fans, 50,000 Fans, etc

1.) Everyone in Boon Rawd Office give their best Leopard scowl

2.) Add a stuffed Leo Leopard toy for all 40,000 likes in the Boon Rawd office and document

3.) Give away 40,000 stuffed Leo Leopard toys on Khao San / Beach for each like.

4.) Have a stuffed Leo Leopard created with leopard print in the country colors from where each fan like came from.

The Leopard Scowl

The Leopard Purrrrrrrrr.........

Add 40,000 Stuffed Leo Leopards into the Boon Rawd Office & Document Each Leopard Added

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Give-away 40,000 (doesn't really need to be this many) Leo Leopards on Khao San / Beach Resorts to highlight the Facebook/ Instagram Milestone