Antique Classic Games and Consoles

Various prices according to generation.

About Me

I’m an antique game collector located in Texas. I own a wide collection of old games, consoles, accessories and other hardware. I collect everything from Atari to Nintendo, to arcade cabinets.

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Prices vary on condition, generation and game availability.

What I'm Selling

Included are 2 of the NES units and about 30 games, 5 Sega Genesis units with about 50 games and 3 or 4 attachments, A Nintendo Virtual Boy, no games however, and a signed copy of Super Mario Land for the Game Boy, signed by a Nintendo producer that worked on the game, estimated around 200,000 dollars. I will also be selling numerous other consoles not listed with respective games.

Equipment trades accepted too, looking for cabinets, posters and token machines. Most items will be 50-200 dollars.



Console and games:

What I Want to Find

I want the games to go to a collector who is as passionate about the games as I am, and will preserve them to keep the lineage alive. The units in working order are well maintained by me, and I hope to keep them playable. I’m not as worried about the newer systems, such as the few Xbox and Playstation systems, as they are still in circulation. The prices vary depending on generation, with the older systems being more expensive. The buyer will have to provide transport for the larger items, but I can help load them if needed. Some cabinets are in need of touching up, and anyone with restoration experience would be helpful. I can ship most of the items, but some of the older ones would be better off being picked up, as mail is sometimes unreliable. Contact me at the information listed if interested.