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South Central Jr-Sr High School Weekly Update 12/7/15

This Week in PLCs

Final exams should have been submitted to me last week. I am in the process of reviewing your exams and I will contact you by Friday if there are any changes that need to be made.

As we are finishing up the first semester, this week in PLCs your task will be to review your curriculum maps for 2nd semester. Please use today's PLC time to discuss your progress with your team and determine if any adjustments need to be made to your second semester maps. Math and English/Language Arts will probably have some adjustments to make since the new ISTEP blueprints were released after your developed your maps.

Most of you submitted your 2nd semester curriculum maps at the beginning of the year; but if you did not you should make sure to turn them in to me by the first day of the 2nd semester. If you are not making any changes and have already submitted them to me, you do not need to submit anything to me now. However, if you do alter something on your maps, please submit an updated copy to me by the start of the 2nd semester.

This Week's Commitee Meetings

This week, the following committees are meeting:

  • Discussibles, Tuesday 3pm
  • New Teacher/Mentor, Wednesday 3pm
  • Wellness, Thursday 3pm (Emma Walter, Kim Werner)

If you have concerns that should be discussed through these committees, please seek out one of the committee members and share it with them so that they can bring it up at the meeting!

Tunnel Drill

Tomorrow we are scheduled for an immediate evacuation drill, but we will do a tunnel drill instead since we were unable to go down into the tunnels earlier this year. As a reminder, all high school classes will go down to the tunnels through the south entrances: H1-H14, Tech Office, and South Gym use the southeast tunnel entrance, and H15-H32 use the southwest entrance. High school will dismiss first and the elementary classrooms will dismiss once the high school hallways are clear.

ECA Testing Tuesday and Wednesday

ECA re-testing will take place both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Students will be tested at different times depending on which test they need to take. Please note that we will not be able to make any announcements during testing time, so be sure to check your email frequently in case there is information we need to get out to you.

A Cup of Coffee On Us!

Don't forget that Wednesday morning between 7:30 and 8:30, Rocky Mountain Cafe will be here to serve specialty coffees to everyone. This is our little way to say thanks for all you do, and Merry Christmas!

Building Project Update

Construction continues to progress throughout the building, primarily in the locker room and old pool areas. You probably have noticed that several temporary walls were constructed to separate work areas from student areas. Please remember that all contractors should be wearing visible badges and should not be using student restrooms. Please let me know if you notice anyone in violation of this expectation.

Work in the office areas will begin over Christmas break. Construction will be completed on the elementary side first. During elementary construction, Mr. Anderson will set up a temporary office in the high school conference room. Please note that no conference room will be available to use until after construction is complete (sometime in April). If you need a space for a large meeting, please see Mrs. Abshire in the corporation office to schedule the board room.

Something to Make you SMILE!!! :)

Only 17 days until Christmas!

Have A Suggestion?

Do you ever come up with an idea, but you're not sure if it's any good? Have you had an idea about a way something could be improved, but you're not sure how to suggest it? I have created an online ANONYMOUS suggestion box for anyone to use to make a suggestion, offer an idea, or voice a concern.

Use this link to submit your idea:

Please note that all suggestions will be read and considered, but circumstances may prevent implementation of some ideas.