Plate Tectonics

Caleb K.

What evidence is there that plates have moved?

This is the evidence that plates move. One, earthquakes. Plates are the big pieces of land that move. The type of movements are compression, tension, shearing. The different type of boundaries are divergent, transform, convergent.

What is erosion.


Erosion is the breaking down of rock. Which is broken down by ice, water, and wind. The three main types of erosion is ice, wind, and water. Water creates the largest change in earths surface. Wind creates the littlest change in earths surface.


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rocks and minerals

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Rock cycle

The metamorphic rock goes to magma, then that cools down and turns into an igneous rock. Then the igneous rock turns into sediment, which creates sedimentary rock. Also metamorphic rock also can turn into sedimentary. Igneous also turns into magma.
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Minerals form by a natural occurring, inorganic solid that has a crystal structure and a definition chemical composition. Each mineral has characteristics properties that help to identify it.

What i liked

I liked looking up the different rocks and minerals. Also the games we played.