Tiny Tiger Tim

By: Corbin Kreimendahl

Timmy The Time Traveling Troll

There once was a tiger his name was Timmy but his friends called him Tim he was always playing a game called Team Time Travel 2 he played almost 24/7. but there was one problem Timmy liked to mess with the other players A LOT. everybody hated it so people made a secret guild to team up to mess with him. once they were done planning it was time to attack...
the next morning when Timmy got back onto Team Time Travel 2 all of his stuff was gone his house had been destroyed & he had to go get a new time crystal. He knew it was because he did the same to others so they chose to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Moral of the story

Treat others nicely & they will treat you nicely. Treat people badly & they will Probably treat you badly.