Pratt's Primary Corner

Weekly Update- October 18, 2018

Week at a Glance

Reading- This week during reading we focused on finding text evidence to support our opinions. We read The Giving Tree and decided whether the boy in the story was weak or strong. After students found evidence to support their opinion, they had to defend it to someone on the opposite side. We will do this activity many more times this year with different book.

Math- Our focus in unit 2 so far has been looking at arrays and relating multiplication to addition. I've been so impressed with students' mathematical thinking so far!

Science/Social Studies-
We got our Flat Stanleys decorated to mail out. We also wrote a letter to go along with our package. Huge thank you to Mrs. Foreman for laminating and cutting them out! We will send those out next week.

We are still in bend 1 of our opinion unit. We will have our red carpet writing celebration next week. :)

There will be no homework menu this week due to testing

OST Testing Next Week!

Next week we will have the 3rd grade reading test. We will take Part 1 on Wednesday Oct. 24th and Part 2 on Thursday Oct. 25th.

We will begin testing at 9:30 AM. If your child arrives after 9:30 AM they will not be permitted in the classroom until testing is finished and they will make up the test during make up days.

Please make sure your child gets a good night of sleep and eats breakfast the morning of testing.

Fall Party Info

Coleen Barber is the head room parent this year. Here is a sign up Genius for our party on Oct. 31st from 10:30-11:30

If you have any questions please contact Coleen directly,