From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate

By: Mackay Miller 3SR


Did you know chocolate was made back when Europeans where around.My topic is chocolate because I like chocolate. People like chocolate it makes other people exited.

Chocolate starts with coco beans.


chocolate is first made with coco beans. coco beans grow in pods that get cracked open. Coco beans grow in trees. the coco beans get crushed then they add milk then they flavor the chocolate.


Then it go's in the factory and gets cleaned up.The crushed up coco will get flavor more then roasted for 30min to2 hours. Then it turns dark brown. It is now chocolate licker then the chocolate licker is pumped next mushiness.It is now 6,000 pounds. Now the coco butter is removed it is now coco powder. Coco powder is used to make ice cream and other stuff like that. then the coco powder is mixed into chocolatey. Milk also sugar to sweeten the chocolate. There is also extra coco to give it richer flavor and smoother chocolate later on. Soy beans to help the liquid flow essayer then the chocolate go's into rollers the rollers make the chocolate neat then chocolate go's to dry and terns into molds. they they get formed by mushiness then they get cooled of the chocolate gets raped and boxed then they tape the box shut and ship it to stores

Fun Facts

. chocolate is usually not the cos of cavities

.chocolate doesn't make people hyper it's the excitement

.chocolate was made 100 years ago


the last thing about chocolate is it go's to the store. you can buy chocolate at the store