By: Maria Bonner

Theme: Perseverance

  • When Sounder got shot he still lived with the pain, but ended up dying at the end. Also when her boy left to go look for the father, the mother worried if the boy would come back. The father had shown perseverance to be able to walk to the house to see the child and mother after he had got hurt. Then last but not least the boy had shown perseverance by being able to go looking for his dad for so long and not being able to find him.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was a great woman in history and has changed the law for many people . When she refused to give up her seat on the bus she got a lot of hate. When she stopped riding the bus other people decided to stand up for Rosa and do the same thing. The bus drivers needed to make money and they weren't getting that much money now that all of those people had stopped riding the bus. So they decided to let Rosa ride the bus and sit where she wanted to sit.

  • Rosa Parks had been hated and arrested for not giving up her seat. She walked through the hard times as they got better. She ended up dying on October 24, 2005. She had never gave up when times got harder.
Faith In Humanity Restored Compilation Animals Edition

Human/Pet video

  • The people in these videos are trying to save the animals from getting hurt or dying. Like when the fox had a glass bottle stuck on its head the man got it off for him. Also the people who were helping out those animals out of the river, they were similar to the master and Sounder because, when Sounder got shot the boy had helped Sounder heal.

A Father, Daughter, and Dog (Alike)

  • The father got attached to the dog as the same did The boy and Sounder. Also The boy had had known in both stories that the father had died because Sounder and Cheyenne came to the kids which they had either never done or did something they normally don't do.

A Father, Daughter, and Dog( Different)

  • The dad in A Father, Daughter, and Dog had a heart attack and died 3 years later. The father in Sounder had been found dead kind of outside the house because The boy had seen a light on outside, and went to go check out what it was.

Anticipation Guide

  • Opinion of statement: Every person has a right to food, shelter, and safety. Even if a person did something bad still they should have food shelter and safety. If a person has the ability to live somewhere they should live there no matter what. Having shelter, food, and safety isn't something that should be based on the color of your skin.


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