Japan's Fashion

Harajuku style

There is more than one so I'm here to list a few Let's begin~


You don't see this style that much anymore but you can spot some girls still using this style.in fact there is a group you can join or at least ask to get a makeover and hangout with them for a day

  • They have deep bronzed tans, brightly coloured hair and long fingernails
  • started in the mid-1990s
  • wear bright colors to make the tan skin "pop"


an eclectic mix of cute and punk, with pretty miniskirts and dresses coordinated with riders jackets, engineer boots, skull-motif accessories, stud belts, and other hardcore punk items. Black hair is also making a comeback, and black is becoming a trendy shade in makeup, with eye shadow and eyeliner in this tone applied for a cool "dark" effect.

Other styles for punk is PASTEL


influenced by Victorian and Edwardian era dress. Also including the costume dress worn in the Rococo era in France, Lolita fashion is best known for its cross over into Gothic style and the wide array of sub-styles represented by its practitioners. Most often, Lolita fashion refers to those who wear skirts or dresses to their knees, a petticoat, long, often times monochromatic socks, and a wide array of accessories covered in lace or ribbon. The goal in many cases is to imitate the appearance of a child or a doll.


okay so cosplay is when you dress a cartoon character or a anime character you can even make up one and of course video game characters,super heroes,

  • this is now a world wide fashion that there are conventions for like akon,comic con,kcon..ect
  • but some people in japan don't even know what cosplay is like "old people"
  • the most famous anime in japan right now is "Love Live!" so a lot of people would cosplay them



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Japan is a place where you can express yourself and wear whatever you want unlike other countries in the world.You won't get weird looks for the way you dress.