Darwin´s Four Postulates

Celina Zambrano

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The truth about Natural Selection...

Individuals within a population are variable..

Individuals within a population have different characteristics than others.In humans we can distinguish variation easily. We all share the same inside functions, however, there are many different types of skin, hair and eye colours which identify the different types of variation.

Variations are Heritable..

What Darwin means by this is that organisms have different types of characteristics from its original species. This specific species may pass down its unique characteristic to its child.

Individuals vary in survival and reproductive success..

Darwin strongly believed in Natural Selection. This is the process in which species adapt to be able to survive it´s environment. When a certain organism is born with different characteristics than others. Their survival abilities with these specific traits will determine if they will be able to reproduce and pass down their genes. Unfortunately, some genes may get the species killed.

Extinction of species..

Darwin has discovered that extinction between different species has been dangerous during centuries of the world. The extinction is caused by lack of survival and adaption to its surroundings and habitat of the species. When the animal or spice looses its ability to do so, the animal becomes extinct.
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