Career Project

By: Gina Chavez

Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent

Being a FBI Special Agent is really hard because it requires a lot of smart thinking and its expected to know that you will have life to death situations. Its expected to know how to talk to people that have a gun over someones head and know how to talk to someone who is experiencing a lost.



  • FBI agents are in charge of investigating over 200 different categories of violations related to national security and federal law.
  • FBI agent may investigate includes bank robberies, terrorism, corruption, cyber crime, organized crime, espionage and drug trafficking.
Daily Task and Responsibilities
  • job duties can vary greatly depending on their investigation
  • Common duties that FBI agents perform include research, investigation and filling out reports.
  • the mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international agencies and partners.
Education/ Training
  • College degree
  • Criminal Justice degree
  • Physically fit and active
  • Pass the Physical Fitness Test
Preferred Job Skills
  • you MUST first graduate and obtain a four-year college degree and have at least three years of professional work experience in your field/major prior. If you have a graduate degree, your work experience requirement is reduced to two years. Again, the work experience must be relevant to your area of expertise
  • Work in the field ex: Police
  • 64,500 annual- FBI agent
  • 84,000 annual- FBI Special Agent

Work Environment

  • A job with the FBI can take place in many different locations. Special agents are placed in specific cities, so travel may be necessary. Depending on the specific position, members of the FBI can spend a work day in an office, a courtroom, out on location or many other places.

  • Working for the FBI can be a dangerous job, especially for those who are out making arrests or catching criminals. Providing national security is a very high-pressure job, so FBI agents may face workplace stress.

High School Preparation

Related Courses

  • Law
  • Foreign Language
  • Math and Technology Courses
  • Keep taking Gym and join sports
  • Only for College you can take a FBI internship or volunteer as an FBI agent


DePaul University

University Of Illinois At Chicago

Northwestern University

I chose these because they are less than 100 miles close to my house and they are cheaper than most.

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Inside FBI Academy Training