Emergent Curriculum

What emergent curriculum is and the importance of it

Definition & Importances

Emergent curriculum is being able to plan and adapt around the children's interests. This way they can feel very involved, very much like we are grabbing what they have been talking out loud about and showing major interest in and plan around their interests and wants. Emergent curriculum is a result of an interaction between a child and the staff. In some cases many children and staff. Emergent curriculum is also contributing ideas from both parties. The children then the staff building on that. This type of curriculum planning encourages us to learn together as a group in a group setting and is something that usually begins spontaneously. Emergent curriculum is very unpredictable as it is lead by the children. One day their interest may be fishing where as the next day it may be the circus.

The Importance Of Emergent Curriculum :

#1) Following the interests and wants of the children

#2) To help build a long term passion of learning by our children and students

#3) To encourage learning in our centers and classrooms

#4) To practice supportive learning by one another

#5) To welcome children and students with special needs into our centers of learning

#6) To support many different types of learning styles

#7) To help encourage cooperation, partnership and leadership for our children in our care

#8) To continue to encourage adequate outside time daily with our children

#9)To allow time for self reflecting and room for improvement in all of our children

#10) To encourage all of our children to be their own inventors and designers

emergent curriculum