October 24, 2013

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With all the hustle and bustle that is life we sometimes forget the simplest things like our "WHY?"

Why did you become a Stella & Dot Stylist? Simple question, but one we forget to focus on.

Initially for me it began as a way to get free jewelry! Then it became a way to make extra money during the holiday season and then it became a way to make an income when the real estate market tanked and now it is financial freedom for my family.

Booking trunk shows isn't just about filling the calendar- it is WHY do you want to book those trunks in October, November and December? Is it to buy the biggest Christmas tree your neighborhood has ever seen, is it to buy new outfits for your family's holiday pictures, is it to surprise your hubby with a special getaway for a big anniversary coming up, is it to adopt a new puppy and pay for all the vet bills, is it to prove that you can do it to someone who said you cannot? There are small WHYs and there are BIG WHYs but all WHYs are equally important. I love the holidays because there is something magical in the air, and maybe that is because I have young kids who believe in Santa Claus, but I look at my kids and the coolest part about being a kid is that they "believe." They believe from the bottom of their heart that Santa Claus can fly around the world, go down every child's chimney in one night and make it back to the North Pole by Christmas morning. If "believing" can bring about the joy I see on their little faces then yes, please serve me a big ole helping of "believe."

I believe that the next few months is a time for you to do amazing things that you or someone else never thought possible. You could be reading this thinking to yourself that you signed up a year ago and never launched your business. That's OK!!! Your amazing thing to believe in might be to do one trunk show this season whereas for someone else it might be to do one a month or one a week. The point is... remember your WHY, believe in yourself, believe in the season and you will indeed amaze yourself and others!

So, as we head into the back half of October I wanted to start a movement for all the Stella Stars out there to DECLARE IT, SHARE IT AND TAKE ACTION TO ACHIEVE IT! I'm a big believer in "what you talk about, comes about". Put it out into the universe...tell your sponsor, tell your family, tell your team and let everyone support you.

Here's what we're going to do:

1) DELARE IT- what is your WHY for the next two and a half months?

2) SHARE IT- Call/email/text your sponsor. Jump on our Team FB page and share your WHY, or a picture of your WHY, or the sheet of paper you declared it on... shout your WHY from the rooftops!

3) GO FOR IT- it starts with a WHY, but it will come about about by taking action today. Take 20 seconds of courage, pick up the phone and get started. Block off 30 minutes or an hour for your Stella & Dot business to make your WHY come to fruition.

* Come to November's team meeting and be ready to share your WHY and the action you've taken to make it happen! There is power in numbers ladies and if we are all doing it, cheering for one another- it is going to be one heck of a Holiday Season!!!!

** Have you declared your WHY but need help taking action? Sign up for a Coaching Call and we'll go at it together!!!


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"You have to skate to where the puck is going instead of where the puck has been." ~ Wayne Gretzky

The Holiday Season tends to lend itself to many of our hostesses wanting to do their annual or semi-annual trunk show so they can snatch up hot fall styles and get holiday gifts... and we love this! But, each month think about the balance of repeat hostesses and new strategic hostesses with someone in a new demographic or new area/geographic area that helps you expand your network and build the ultimate strength of your business and give you the new exposure you need to continually sponsor, and grow and nurture your business. Think about where the puck is going as it pertains to your own October calendar. Ask yourself, "How many of the trunk shows do I have are in a repeat area where I know the guests coming and will I be able to book and sponsor at these trunk shows?" YES of course will if you offer it to everyone-- remember people are in different places so ask again and remember you might not even have asked last year, so this year make sure you do ASK. But, also think about if there is a completely new area or age group to go to or a new time of day that might get you new lifestyle customers - the key is to be strategic. Make sure at least 1 trunk show per month is strategic and don't be so focused on sales coming out of that but rather creating a new pool of contacts from which you can book, sell and sponsor.


Margaret CookStarkvilleMSUS$5,458.00

2Lynn CooperFairhopeALUS$5,243.50

3Lesley CobbMobileALUS$4,366.50

4Christa EilandMobileALUS$2,156.50

5Amy AlfieriWest SacramentoCAUS$1,898.00

6Jessica ParkerManassas ParkVAUS$1,065.25

7Andrea SharpDecaturALUS$999.29

8Sharon MetcalfeMobileALUS$965.00

9Jennifer DavisCrossvilleTNUS$949.50

10Christina AndrusGulf BreezeFLUS$936.00

11Jodi ShortNolensvilleTNUS$904.50

12Jennifer ThomasMobileALUS$848.20

13Karen ByrdVancleaveMSUS$821.00


15Tracey WoodhamFairhopeALUS$758.00

16Cathy HowellGrand BayALUS$752.00

17Carly CossonBakerFLUS$731.00

18Andrea MillsapFairhopeALUS$730.11

19Dawn McGriffPisgahALUS$688.00

20Thereasa HulganFort PayneALUS$672.75

21Ginger TurnerFairhopeALUS$645.00

22Christine CalcaterraMatthewsNCUS$634.00

23Christie BallPaceFLUS$594.25

24Cherryl Darlene Purvis-LestradeGulfportMSUS$534.00

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Take a moment to print out the WUTS tracker and fill out YOUR goal for the season.
With just ONE trunk show a week, you can earn $2300 in commissions, sell $7500 and earn that gorgeous bag!

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Lynn Cooper, Stella & Dot Director