ISTE 2017

Session Notes and Links


8:30-9:30am Creative Ways to Activate the 4C's with Your Content

Mike Fisher and Kelly Hines, Discovery Education
Hemisfair Ballroom 3

aeiou strategy: turn and talk

A: An adjective about what you're feeling about today's lesson
E: What excites you about what we are learning?
I: What are you interested in learning more about?
O: What is your opinion about _____________________
U: What is your understanding of what we just learned?

History in Memes on Twitter
Causes kids to engage in the content.
If a student can create an effective meme, they are demonstrating deep understanding.

Virtual Reality
Discover Ed virtual reality tool built into service. There is also a Discovery VR free app.

Now allows you to bring in 360 degree footage.

Virtual Field Trips Live and On-Demand for Free on Discovery Website
12 trips scheduled for the upcoming year.

Hashtag on Twitter

Navy Stem on Discovery Ed.
Website to show kids about the math required for Navy careers.

Madden football by the numbers on Discovery Ed.
Shows students how to make a video game

Novelis--Life of a Can: The Neverending Story on Discovery Ed.
Good content for recycling and repurposing

10am-11am: Websites, Apps, and More

Leslie Fischer
Lila Cockrell Theater

Sara Barielles video--Brave

5 Companies that are debuting new features:

  • Kahoot! Convert lecture to a game format. New feature is Jumble. Allows the users to drag the answers in order. Not multiple choice. Can order answers, can rank answers, etc. Kahoot has a new app--You can create a Kahoot that kids can take on their own and you don't need to facilitate it. It can be in-class, homework. New feature where the teacher can challenge the student to a game. Students could create their own review games or quizzes and assign them to their fellow classmates as challenges. Will be available for teachers in September.
  • See Saw: Digital portfolio site. Can collect data from any device. Students upload content to the teacher. Teachers can comment on the product. They can print their entire digital portfolio into a PDF at the end of the year. There is now a messaging platform built in to the app so teachers can correspond with parents or students and vice versa. Will be ready for teachers next week.
  • Symbaloo Symbaloo Pro is now available free. Give you your own Domain name and allows access for kids. New option: Educators can collaborate on Symbaloo. Called Symbaloo Pro Plus. You can chat with your collaborators. Pro Plus is free until the end of the year. They also have Learning Paths available now. personalized learning
  • Book Creator App on ios and android. Allows students to create their own books. You can publish the book online. Book Creator is coming out with Book Creator for the Web so they can be used on Chromebooks. Will be ready for teachers in August. Open now at
  • Formative Easiest way to create an online assessment. You can now tag questions with CC standards. This is in the premium feature. You can gauge mastery of standards. is the link for kids. They will get a code. Also adding a graphing calculator.


  • Flashcards, Quiz Show, Name Picker, Tournament Bracket, Crossword Puzzle, Hangman. Takes any Google Spreadsheet and turns it into an online interactive activity. You copy the original document and it saves to your Google Drive. You can change the words to match your content. Then you click "Get link".
  • Random Name Picker can create groups and seating charts and just pick names.
  • Kids can create flippity content.
  • Students could create a tournament bracket of great wars in history or great leaders in history and the level of thinking involved in having to explain why they advanced certain historical figures over another.
  • You can create a Flippity and share it to Google Classroom.
  • Flippity Badge Tracker

Reflector 2

$15 for Mac or PC. Wirelessly transmit Chromecast

To make text bigger on your phone without taking a picture

Settings>General>Accessibility>Magnifier>Toggle On>Hit homebutton 3 times

Google Tone

Chrome Plugin. You can be on a web page. Click the Tone icon and it will transmit to all of the devices that have the plugin. Easy way to share links with your students.


Lets you paste in any URL and creates a QR code and a shortened link. You can change the link whenever you want. So you could have a classroom link code that links to new newsletters, etc.

11:30-12:30: Blend Your Writer's Workshop--Personalize, Motivate, and Create! Was full!! I didn't get in.

Joanna Van Raden
Room 220
This blended and interactive session will provide the resources needed to blend or flip the writer’s workshop!Students control the time, place, path or pace of their own learning. Teachers gain time to work directly with students and learn alternatives for publishing work using online options and apps.

1:30-2:30: Four Big Technoloiges That'll Change Everything

Dr. Jason Ohler
Hemisfair Ballroom 2
I've been helping students and educators navigate the emerging technology landscape for over three decades. This presentation considers how to prepare for the educational impacts of four foundational technological trajectories: Big Data/Internet of Things, immersion/augmented reality, bio/neuro enhancement and extreme BYOD.

This presentation based on his most recent book: Four Big Ideas for the Future

Not a good session, y'all. Sorry...I literally had nothing to write down.

2:30-4:15 EdTek Talks

Connor Beitzell Rafranz Davis Kate Deskey Kiko Doran Jake Griffin Michael Hernandez Cathy Hunt Brent Paschke Pnina Sasson Owen Stone
Stars Ballrooms 1 and 2

Get inspired by five thought leaders who will share their creativity and insights in this series of mini-keynotes. SoundTapp, a student iPad ensemble from Roswell, GA will kick off the session.

Student Performers:

  • Kate Deskey
  • Connor Beitzell
  • Pnina Sasson
  • Owen Stone
  • Jack Griffin

Students using ipads to play music (guitar/keyboard/drums)

John Danty

Senior Project Manager for Garage Band at Apple

Can use ipad to create music. Garage Band is free.

Use touch instruments with Garage Band.

You can create a string orchestra.

Live Loops in Garage Band

Tuniversity--book in the ibooks store--Just released today

Have created a new ibook to bring music instruction back to the classroom.

Takes the song Happy by Pharell and reverse engineers it. Kids can learn how the song was put together.

Pharrell Williams via video feed

There is science in art. There is technology in art. There is math in art. There is engineering in art.

Book is $4.99 but we will get an email for a free copy of the book. Check emails.

Kiko Doran and Brent Paschke

Musicians and developers of Tuniversity

Book breaks down into 3 sections. Intro from Pharell, info about creative starting points. Then a deconstruction of the song. Reader then learns about the specific instruments in the beat and melody. Then the students reconstruct the song.

Cathy Hunt
The heART and Soul of Education

Art Teacher on the Gold Coast

Motto: "Not for ourselves alone"

International speaker on creativity

Does everyone know how to teach creativity? Is it possible to do so?

Kids are having a tough time picking up scissors or holding a pencil correctly

Book: 10 lessons the arts teach by Elliot Eisner

  • to make good judgment
  • more than one solution to a problem
  • celebrate multiple perspectives
  • define the limits of cognition
  • have experience that we can have from no other source

Tech can be a conduit.

The invention of the paint tube allowed artists to venture outside to paint.


10:15-11:15: ISTE Bytes

Julianne Ross-Lleinmann
How to Host a Scratch Day Event
Members of the MIT Scratch team. A scratch day event is a day where kids come together and learn to code and create with Scratch. Wonderful for the community. 1:15-3:15 Tower View Lobby Table 31

Jennifer Garcia
British School in El Salvador
Creating a STEAM Fest for your school.
Teachers and students prepare presentations to display for the community. Kids take months preparing their projects. Students lead the learning. They spend the entire day interacting about their STEAM project, not just showing. Room 216AB 4:15

Cori Coburn-Shiflett

Student PD: Passion Driven Technology Integration

Skills + Permission= Empowerment

When teachers are empowered, students are empowered. Focus on your PD for teachers to build your students. @emilytceabound

Lorian Harris

Using Claymation and Stop Motion to Engaging Student Learning

Did you know that Rudolph was Claymation and Stop Motion?

Can be used as a formative assessment to determine if students understand the concept and can transfer it..

Susan Gentz

Digital Districts

Center for Digital Education

Superintendents who are creating digital school districts. Insights to the market, priorities of educators. Trends in schools.

@shoing #cdelive

Adam Bellow

Gaming in Education--Breakout EDU and the Changing Landscape of Learning

Collab, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity--that is Breakout. It's an escape room that you put in the classroom.

Darryl Adams: Tell your story with social media or someone else will and you may not like it

The Rock and Roll Hip Hop and Soul Superintendent

The science of social media and the importance of branding your school and using social media to push out your message. 2:45 Star Ballroom 4

Kimberly LaPrairie

Welcome to theTeam: Developing Strong Technology Leaders Through Online Project Based Learning

Techniques for implemented PBL in online environment

Amanda Youngblood


Balancing Act: Blending learning in an traditional environment

Not a fad. Important for us to think about how to engage our kids without them tuning out.

Blended: online mixed with traditional, presence of teacher and student, student control

Robert Craven

Digital Literacy Coaching

Focus on rigorous standards, engaging strategies and supported by tech.

Credits his coaching in his district for kids being digitally literate. Digital coaches work with 10 teachers yearly to preplan/implementation/debrief coaching. 400 teaches in the district have experienced this. 6 week cycles will be available next year.

Douglas Edwards


Broaden participation with authentic STEAM

Music program to help kids learn to mix and create music. Can be a summer camp or can be a high school computer science courses. Funded by national science foundation.

Sheryl Abshire

Show Me the Money: Grantwriting in the Information Age


How to get the money

What the grant reviewers are looking for in a grant

What should you do if you want to get started

Where the very best resources are to get a grant

Rachelle Poth

Asynchronous lessons and app smashing

Foreign language teacher.

How to empower students to choose how to run projects. Students go to tech showcases. Digital citizen lesson

Tools for flipping, blending, and smashing

Dean Shareski

Joy in Tech


Will talk about pechaflickr, SOS, and other tools that are simple at any grade level to create joyful learning.

Sara--Panel of Tech Directors

Office 365 vs. Google Apps

Sharing experiences with both

Mike Yakubovsky

ios app development in the classroom

Not a computer science teacher, but we do work on app development.

Uses SWIFT in classroom.


Julie Jaeger

Digital Story Telling Network


Vision Videos: A way to teach kids to create their own digital stories.

Description: Sheryl Abshire Grantwriting Bytes Session
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Description: Official MIT Scratch Day Website
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Description: Computational Thinking: A Digital Age Skill for Everyone (Article)
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8:30-9:45: Keynote with Jennie Magiera

Jennie Magiera
Jennie Magiera, chief innovation officer at Des Plaines Public Schools in Chicago and the author of Courageous Edventures. Previously the digital learning coordinator for the Academy for Urban School Leadership and a teacher in Chicago Public Schools, Magiera believes that despite the many challenges facing schools today, every classroom can be a place for what she calls “edventures.”

11:45-12:45: The Google You Might Not Know

Leslie Fisher

Original name was Googol.
Search box is basic because the originators were not coders.
Find all of Google's doodles at

Google keeps an apps release calendar:

A Google a Day:

Google Smarty Pins: This would be a GREAT club!! Game. Try to find a location based on clues:

Google Images: You can search by image. Search for Atari Breakout in Google Images.

When you get the image of Internet Down on Google. Hit the space bar. It's a game.

Quick Draw: Would be fun for inside recess.

Auto Draw: After you draw, they give you a bank of images to choose from to create a better drawing.

Waze app: Bought by Google for a billion dollars. Uses your device to feed your GPS information into the Google Maps database. They have celebrity voices in Waze. When your app updates, it's typically a new voice.

Google Field Trip App:
Go into map. Can drop colored cards that are based on what I'm looking at. History, architecture, lifestyle. If you have it set to auto announce places, it will tell you what you're near.

Google Earth Tour Builder:

Google Arts and Culture:
360 videos

Google Translate
  • Select language and change to a different language--it does live translation now. Speak into phone in English, it translates and speaks in the other language.
  • Also does augmented reality. You can hold your phone up to a an image in another language and it translates into English.

Let Me Google That For You:

When someone asks you a question that they could have googled themselves. So funny.

Google Photos--if you install on all of your personal devices. It syncs all your photos and then searches based on a It will sort keyword. Pizza. Search all of your photos that look like pizza.

Click the assistant.

Can create shared albums

Photos go in Google drive also

Google Photo Scan App: You can take a picture of a photo on a brochure or in a magazine and adjust it and save it.

Google Street View--take 360 degree images

Google Tone Extension to use with Chrome. Can transmit a web link via a tone to your class.

Google Cast for Education: Chrome Plugin that allows a teacher to setup their device for wireless screen sharing. All students need is a device that has the cast option. You can cast your screen to your students. They can cast to you. You have to be on the same network for this to happen. Only available for educators with an ed account.

Google Keep--big update

Google Voice--you need this

When someone calls that phone number. Sends a voicemail to gmail. Different phone number.

12:45-2:45: Expo Hall

2:45-3:45: What Does a 21st Century Leader Look Like?

Dr. Darryl Adams
Impossible is Possible Network
Project HOPEFUL (Helping other people excel through education, family, faith, unity, love, and leadership)

Superintendent thought leader and technology evangelist. I'm here to serve YOU!

1. Visionary Leadership
Retired Superintendent of Cochella School District. 20,000 students.
Power transferred from district to the people. The people will speak for the kids.
Whoosh! Saw what the community could be, not what it was.

2. Transformation Leadership
Spent 2 decades in jail and still found a way to come out and help others. "We must move forward"

3. Inspirational Leadership
Don't be afraid to share yourself. Your passion and your soul. You can inspire others by eliciting excitement within them. When you inspire one person, it will be contagious. You'll want to inspire others.

4. Creative Leadership
Richard Branson
Talks about being open and creative and how he approaches his businesses. He's a great person to read up on for inspiration.
As a leader say, "I'm not going to live in this box." Better yet, say, "I don't see a box."

Aviation Academy at Coachella School District: They bought a PLANE!!! and taught the kids how to fly. Seriously. First to pilots were females.

5. Technology Leadership
First district in America to fund an ipad for every student PK-12. Only 69% of this district graduates HS. Sold to them on the platform of re-imaging their future as a community.
Taught himself programs to create music and videos before the kids. Lead by example.

Talking about Aurasma. Stacie Kegley uses this. Such a cool tool. You can use it for lessons. Record or connect a prerecorded lesson to a page in a textbook for deeper learning or to connect them to their assignment for Classroom.

6. Collaborative Leadership--one person can't do anything.
Give praise, give praise, give praise to your team for doing the work.

7. Servant Leadership
Mother Teresa "Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you."

8. Connected Leadership
You have to get and stay connected with people.?

9. Political Leadership
Book by Michael Foley--Political Leadership (themes, contexts, and critiques)

Obama talking about Darryl Adams in a press briefing. Put routers on buses and park them all over the city every night.

10. Digital Age Cultural Leadership
Book by B. Stewart

11: Entrepreneurial Leadership
We all need to make some money. Let's think about how we can make more money. Find ways to be an entrepreneur. Started an entrepreneur academy for kids. Don't let anyone put you in box. This is the 21st century. You should lead the way you want to lead.
Featured on PBS News Hour:

Love Leadership
Make sure everyone knows that you LOVE what you do.

"There is no hierarchy. Everything is horizontal"

4:15-5:15: Tools to Cultivate Connections and Deeper Learning

Michelle Baldwin Adam Bellow Erin Klein Kyle Pace
Attend this dynamic session to find out how digital tools can be used to enhance authentic learning experiences that promote the building of connections to deeper learning in and out of the classroom.