Friday Focus

September 4, 2014

"In successful schools, all adults working with students make a conscious effort to 'catch kids being good,' both formally and informally, on a regular basis. This timely and specific feedback is critical to improved learning." -Hierck, Coleman, and Weber


Thank you all for consistently modeling our building-wide expectations! Not only classroom teachers but other staff members are all holding students to the high expectations we know students can meet. It makes a tremendous difference and really shows students that we're a team.

Thank you all for your help with arrival and dismissal. It's essential that we are all visible in the halls, entryways, walkways, and blacktop. You have all done a tremendous job helping to ensure our students are safe during arrival and dismissal. Your presence and visibility is noticed and appreciated!

Thank you for going above and beyond your daily 'job responsibilities.' EC TAs have assisted with Meadowview recess supervision when needed and many of you have provided assistance in areas that you are not necessarily responsible for. Once again, this shows such a tremendous effort and commitment to ALL students. I'm sincerely proud to work with such a dedicated team.

I want to send a shout out to everyone who has made our new staff members feel welcome! I have heard more than once how happy they are to have joined the team.

Seeing our primary students on the Chromes has been great! They look like old pros! Thank you for having high expectations in regards to their capability of using this technology efficiently and appropriately.

Thanks goes out to Donna and Brenda for attending important intervention training this week. We're excited to have the opportunity to see how students respond to these new interventions!

Emergency Drills - Mark Your Calendar!

We are required to conduct the following emergency drills:

4 Fire Drills

1 Severe Weather and Shelter-in-Place Drill

1 Bus Evacuation Drill

1 Supervised Law Enforcement Drill

We also practice an off-site evacuation drill.

On Monday, September 15th at 10:00am, we will practice our first fire drill. On Tuesday, September 23rd, we will practice our off-site evacuation drill in combination with a fire drill. Prior to the scheduled drills, I will send out important procedural reminders. In the meantime, ensure you know your emergency exits and alternative exits. Ensure you are in possession of a charged walkie-talkie throughout the school day. You should also have a class list with emergency contact information on hand.

Additional drills will follow in subsequent weeks.

Writing On Demand Performance Assessment

It was great to see the students writing so much this week. Remember that writing will strengthen reading and vice versa. Also remember that your approach and mindset will impact the students' attitude toward writing. Continue to be the students' biggest cheerleader and they will meet your high expectations!

In regards to make-ups, Liz will be helping us. She sent out an email soliciting the names of students who were absent during the writing assessments. Please respond to her ASAP. Thanks!

Message from Tarah Tesmer...

Just a friendly reminder for classroom teachers to please fill out this quick survey before the end of the week on technology integration. It’s the same survey that was sent around this time last year and I’m excited to see how everyone has grown!



Available Resources

We have several in-district resources that are ready and willing to help when needed. Please, please, please reach out to them.

Kelly Neylon - Gifted Coordinator

Liz Epley - Instructional Resource Specialist

Rachel Manjarres - Math Resource Specialist

Tarah Tesmer - Instructional Technology Specialist

Juan Corona - Director of ELL

Notes and Reminders

  • Please make sure to carefully review Greg's most recent Smore. There are many great ideas and resources contained within!
  • Please continue to use the Meadowview Google Calendar to check dates of upcoming meetings and events. If you have an event/field trip scheduled, please remind us to add it to the Meadowview Google Calendar so that the entire school is in the loop.
  • Picture Day has been scheduled for September 30th.
  • Please update your webpage as soon as possible. At our Monday Meeting, I will review with you how to navigate Edline.
  • Lesson plans are due weekly. Please make sure to add them to your file in the office at the beginning of each week.
  • Is your substitute folder complete? Please complete this task as soon as possible.
  • Please ensure that Stacy and I have a copy of your classroom schedule. If you have an electronic copy, please forward it to me via email and print one for Stacy. Thank you if you've already done this.
  • Please release bused students on time. The sooner buses can exit our parking lot, the sooner parents can pull through the lot for pick up. This will reduce congestion on Mitchell Drive.

  • Please remember to set up your goal-setting meeting with me.
  • Who would like to facilitate an after-school club? Please let me know as soon as possible. The first session starts at the end of September.
  • Gifted programming beings on Monday, September 8th.
  • Due to Data Review Meetings, DEB will not begin until at least September 22nd.

Coming Up...

Monday, September 8th,

RtI Meeting - Reg out of building along with other select staff

Gifted Programming Begins

Touch-base PLC meetings begin with Liz

RtI Benchmarking Continues

Kindergarten SuperKids Meeting 10am-3pm

Monday Meeting 3pm-4pm for ALL staff. Focus will be Seven Keys.

Tuesday, September 9th

RtI Benchmarking Continues

First Grade SuperKids Meeting 8am-11am

Second Grade SuperKids Meeting 12:30-3:30

Market Day Pick Up

Wednesday, September 10th

RtI Benchmarking Continues

Data Review Planning Meeting, Select Staff, 3pm

Thursday, September 11th,

RtI Benchmarking Continues

Special Education Meeting, Select Staff, 12:30-3:30

PTO Meeting 6:30 (5th & 6th Grade Reps)

Friday, September 12th

RtI Benchmarking Continues

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