Dante's Inferno

By: Destiny Miller, Casey Hunter and Krista Wall

Circle 1 Limbo & Virgil

Limbo was a place for non-believers. The punishment in the first circle was they had to chase a blank banner and they were being stung my wasps. They met Virgil for the first time in this place. They saw a lot of poets because they wrote about things such as Greek Mythology.
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Lust & Francesca

Here sinners are blown around endlessly by the unforgiving winds of unquenchable desires. Virgil and Dante met Francesca and she started telling them her story.
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Gluttony & Cerebus

Punishment is eternal rain, maledict, cold and heavy. They had to lay in a mix of filthy shadows and putrid water.

Avarice (greed) & Plutus

Punishment: They pushed boulders and were crushed by them. In which they had to keep doing for eternity. Plutus is a guardian, Symbol of the fourth circle. He is a unique hybrid of sources and natures. He is the God of wealth.

Wrath/Sullenness & Phlegyas

The wrathful were being ripped apart as they fought and the sullenness were submerged in the river Styx. Phlegyas transports Dante and Virgil in his boat across the Styx. He is known for his own hasty behavior. He set fire to the temple of Apollo because of what Apollo did to his daughter. Son of Mars/Ares God of war.


To spend eternity in flaming tombs. Farinata Uberti, Dante's political enemy, a Tuscan aristocrat and military leader who believed that the soul dies with the body, denying life after death.


The punishment for suicide is that their souls get turned into trees and pecked by Harpies. They met the harpies they have the head of a women and the body of a bird and they ripped the leaves off of the trees.


Head twisted on backwards and crying tears of pain whilst walking forward. Manto was a sorceress daughter of the prophet Tiresias she was confronted by Virgil and Dante's

Treachery & Lucifer

They were stuck in ice because they were cold at heart in real life. Judas, Brutus & Cassius to Dante was the worst of them all and they were gnawed on by Lucifer. When they met Lucifer he was bound in ice up to his waste had had three faces. Red, Yellow and a black one.