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Breakout EDU and the library

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What is BreakoutEDU?

BreakoutEDU is a highly engaging way for students to use what they know to work together to complete a set of challenges!
Introducing Breakout EDU

Why do a BreakoutEDU?

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Benefits of BreakoutEDU?

BreakoutEDU is an experience that:

  • encourages critical-thinking and problem-solving
  • encourages collaboration and communication
  • reinforces curriculum
BreakoutEDU is an opportunity for students to capitalize on their strengths, while also recognizing and relying on the strengths of their classmates. It's an opportunity for students to use what they know to solve problems. It's an opportunity for students to work on their communication skills, practice persistence and perseverance, and to build community among their classmates.

What does BreakoutEDU look like?

Each game is slightly different, with different clues and different set up based upon the content of the game. However, all games center around a set of clues which help the students to open locks and open boxes in order to solve the puzzles in the time given!

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Contact your presenters

Alyssa Calhoun

Alyssa is the Teacher Librarian at College Community's Prairie Hill Elementary in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Lynn Kleinmeyer

Lynn Kleinmeyer is the Teacher Librarian at Titan Hill Intermediate, the 2nd-5th grade building in Council Bluff's Lewis Central School District. She also oversees the library and library instructional services for Kreft Primary, the K-1 building for Lewis Central. Prior to becoming the Teacher Librarian, Lynn taught 7th grade Reading for 13 years and continues her work with Young Adult Literature as a University of Nebraska-Omaha Adjunct Professor. She is the co-founder of #mwlibchat, a Twitter chat dedicated to empowering and inspiring teacher librarians. Lynn believes strongly in advocating for #FutureReady Librarianship.

Miranda Kral

Miranda is the district Teacher Librarian at Solon Community Schools in Solon, IA. This is her sixth year in the field and her second year at Solon CSD. Prior to her current position, she was the district Teacher Librarian for Mid-Prairie Community Schools. Miranda earned her BA in Elementary Education and MA in School Library Studies from the University of Northern Iowa. Miranda is passionate about working with staff and students to infuse information and technology literacies in a collaborative learning environment.

Sarah Staudt

Sarah is the K-12 District Teacher-Librarian Specialist for Mason City Community Schools in Mason City, IA.