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Term 4 - Week 5 - Thursday 5 November 2020

From the Principal's Desk…

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is hard to believe that we are halfway through the term. Already we have seen many changes come through from the department regarding school operation. The news we could have school photos and hold small group transitions for our 2021 preps was gladly received. We have already had one of our face to face sessions with some of our students for next year. It was highly successful, and the new preppies enjoyed meeting the teachers and seeing their classrooms. I would like to thank our Prep teachers, Sharyn and Georgia for the terrific work they have done to ensure the success of our transition sessions. Our videos have all been uploaded to the school website and Facebook, I highly recommend watching the one about our buddy program.


This is a reminder to please drive slowly and carefully around our school. Last week our crossing lady Lolly was nearly hit by a car speeding past her crossing when she was on the road. We know the roads can be congested and this can be frustrating but we need all drivers to be very careful and considerate.

Please be mindful when you are dropping off and picking up students that parking is not allowed on any of the verges and nature strips. Some people are parking on residents lawns and the Council parking inspectors will be out and about issuing infringements.


A big thank you to Andrew Crossman for all of the work he has done on clearing the bank along Crowley Road. It looks amazing!

Positive Education:

This week we began our Positive Education program. We hoped to start this much earlier but the pandemic got in our way. Given what everyone has experienced this year it is exciting to begin this program as it is all about developing a sense of connectedness to school and a sense of belonging to our school community. This term our focus is the school value of Community. We are working on creating a little community with our own groups that is part of our bigger school community which of course is part of the Healesville community. Now that we have had our first session, we are going to ask our students to come up with a name for this program. This will also create ownership of the program. Our Positive Education Program is a unique program that promotes our school values and Positive Education. This is a whole school pastoral care program.

  • Every student and every teacher (that work on Fridays) at Healesville Primary and P-6I, from Prep to Grade 6 are involved.
  • Every student in the school is allocated to a group with a teacher who will be with them throughout their years at Healesville Primary.
  • At least three times per term for one hour, everybody moves into their groups where they participate in a range of activities. These activities can include Positive Education initiatives, values education, team building or simply enjoying the company of students across the school.
  • All activities have the purpose of promoting our school values and developing whole school connectedness.
  • These groups focus on developing resilience, self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

Our positive education groups are all about building relationships. It gives an opportunity for students to connect with other students outside of their grade level as well as another significant adult.

School Photos:

Next Tuesday 10th November is our photo day, please ensure that your payment goes to Creative Exposures, not the school.

Planning for 2021:

In the last newsletter I asked that parents contact me if they had any issues that needed to be brought to my attention regarding student placement for 2021. Please email me prior to Friday 13th November. We currently looking at possible school structures for next year that will best meet the needs of our students.


Tracey Robertson-Smith

Eggs For Sale

Our lovely chickens are laying plenty of eggs which are for sale in the front office - $5.00 for a dozen. Give us a call to place your order on 5962 4053.
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Water Bottles

Just a reminder that, for health reasons, each child needs their own water bottle. Our drinking fountains have been turned off.
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Tuesday 10 November


Wednesday 11 November

Preps 2021 Virtual Transition Afternoon Session 2 - 2.30-3.30pm

Wednesday 18 November

Preps 2021 Virtual Transition Afternoon Session 3 - 2.30-3.30pm

Student Awards

Prep B: Lexie G

PH: Oliver L

1/2G: Ty M

2B: Mason E

3/4K: Eloise S

3/4B: Ava K

3/4V: Lincoln V

5/6H: Maddison S

5/6S: Sky H

PE Awards: Phoebe L

School Pride Award - Prep B


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School Fee Information for 2021

Please click on the link below for all the information you need regarding the School Fees for 2021


Please use this link to REGISTER for the portal:

(please note, you will need your access key to link your child.


You only need to register ONCE.

Once you've registered use the following link as your usual login.

Please use this link to LOGON to the portal:

(once you have registered).


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