Sliding Through Second

Week of June 1



Reading Stamina


How we have grown as writers


Place Value to 1200, Multiplication and Division


How Plants and animals depend upon one another to survive

Social Studies

Celebrating Our Accomplishments

Bring Back Packs the Last Week of School!

We have many things to send home next week.

Library News

All library books are now past due. Please return library books or make payment for books that cannot be found as soon as possible.

Celebrating Our Accomplishments

Next week, Dove Elementary will host a student activities week showcasing DES student accomplishments and participation through a variety of activities. Students are welcome to bring small paraphernalia or props related to the designated topic each day during their Circle Up time.

Monday - College shirt day! Students are welcomed to share their future plans for pursuing universities of their interest.

Tuesday - Are you enrolled in a class outside of school learning a specialty or performing a hobby? Students are encouraged to enlighten their classmates on their hobbies and/or interests.

Wednesday - Do you belong to a team, organization, or club? Show your pride and wear your team jersey, girl scout sash, etc. Your teacher and peers would love to learn more about your involvement in community activities!

Thursday - What have you accomplished in your life that you are extremely proud of? Or, do you have a goal that you are working towards achieving? Students will elaborate on what steps they took towards accomplish their goals, or what their next step is towards mastering their objective.

Dallas Zoo Field Trip

The third time was a charm. We finally made our way to the Dallas Zoo after weeks of anticipation. Thanks to all of you who chaperoned at the Dallas Zoo this past Friday.

Our students enjoyed the time to see some of the animals they have been researching about. Kudos to Mrs. Coody for heading up this effort.

Important Dates

June 3 2nd Grade Awards Assembly 8:00 a.m.

June 3 High Touch High Tech Scientist visit Dove After Awards Assembly

June 4 Early Dismissal and Last Day of School 11:45 a.m.

Lunch Accounts

Please show your appreciation to our cafeteria supervisor by making sure your child's lunch account is paid up by Tuesday. She has been very gracious to your child by providing lunch for them when monies were not sent.

Letters will be sent to those who have not taken care of this.