Platypeople Are Awesome

Protect the Platypus

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A Little Info

Platypuses are the coolest animals on the face of the Earth. Anyone who does not know this as common knowledge should.

Even though Platypodes (another plural form of platypus) were officially protected in 1905, the animal was still receiving heavy casualties from things such as being caught in nets, hunted for pelts, etc.

The species was further protected in 1950, but still it is threatened, mostly by pollution now, rather than poaching. So pitch in, help, and we can still say "Oh there you are, Perry," at the end of the day.

Plan Of Action

If we cut down on net fishing in platypus-inhabited areas, we can cut the death rates by a big amount. Platypi are caught in nets and drowned under the water of their swamps. Another problem that needs solving is pollution and destruction of platypus habitats. logging, farming and draining their swamps is a large cause of death for platypi. The garbage and other waste get into their lungs and suffocate them. We need to reduce, even eliminate pollution of their swamps.


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Duck Bill Platypus-Blue Planet Last updated 11-?-05