Dream Team Weekly Newsletter

May 16th-20th

What are we doing?!

This week we are still completing our reading assessments! This will go all the way through Friday! We will also work our K-2 math assessments this week. Please know that both reading and math assessments will run through this Friday! I will know more about their assessment scores after this date! Please make sure that your baby is getting plenty of rest at night so that they are ready to work hard during the assessment! We will begin a 3 week long unit that will run through the rest of school on different animal habitats! I am so excited to wrap up the year with a 3 week long unit!

Fluency Phrases

Please make sure that you are allowing your child to read their Fluency passages to you each night! Please remember that this is a 1 minute timed reading. They read as many words as they can. If they read a word incorrectly or skip a word subtract that from the total words read at the end. I test them on each Monday and Friday and hope that they have practiced it at home Monday night-Thursday! I have recorded their time from today on the bottom of the passage! If you have any questions let me know! This week your baby will be tested on Thursday for their final fluency assessment!

Last week we had several smarties who grew more than 10 words per minute from Monday til Friday! Here they are...

Bella (knew 71 wpm on Monday and knew 89 wpm on Friday WOW!!), Azia (knew 91 wpm Monday and 102 on Friday WOW!!), Kayson (knew 58 wpm Monday and 74 on Friday WOW!!), Ethan (knew 30 wpm on Monday and 48 on Friday WOW!!), Drew (57 wpm on Monday and 69 on Friday WOW!!!), Donovin (knew 62 wpm on Monday to 96 on Friday WOW!!!), Tyrus (16 wpm and 40 wpm on Friday WOW!!!), Jamarion (17 wpm on Monday and 63 wpm on Friday WOW!!!), and Dylan (118 wpm on Monday and 177 wpm on Friday WOW!!!)

I'm so impressed with your babies!! Keep it up y'all!

.:A Few Odds and Ends:.

*If your baby is participating in any Spring activities (baseball, softball, dance, plays, etc), please let me know when these things will be! I'd love to come and watch as many events as I can!

*As of today, we only have 15 1/2 of school left! How in the world is that even possible!? This year has FLOWN by and I could not be any more proud of how far each child has come! I certainly will miss these sweet smart babies next year!

AR Points!

We only had ONE child reach their AR goal last 9 weeks!! Come on, Dream Team, we can do better than that!!! AR points have started over for the 4th 9 weeks and we are once again trying to reach a goal of 5 points!! This 9 weeks has started out MUCH better than the previous 9 weeks and here are the AR points we have gotten so far! Please know that I have also promised the Dream Team that whichever Kindergartener AND First Grader has the MOST points at the end of the 9 weeks (even if the exceed more than 5), will get a free happy meal compliments of me! So get to reading, my smart babies!!

Kindergarten: Bella (2.8), Kayson (2.6), Ethan (2.9), Mariah (2.2), Drew (0.8), Jakayla (0.3), Tyrus (2.5)

First Grade: Keyasia (0.7), Camiree (0.3), Xavier (3.3), Dylan (7.1), Azia (2.3), Donovin (2.1), Jamarion (0.8), Lance (3.9), Zymir (1.7)

Water Day!

Tuesday, June 7th, 9:30am

Covington Street Elementary School, Laurinburg, NC, United States

Laurinburg, NC

Water Day is SURE to be a great way to end our year! We will celebrate our accomplishments and wrap up our year with this fun filled party! We will have sprinklers, slip-n-slides, and an inflatable water slide! Please remember that 3 phone calls home or a major discipline referral will eliminate your child from participating! We also asked that each child collect a minimum $5 donation for our Wish Walk, which was this past Friday! If you did NOT collect at least a $5 donation, you child must bring in $5 by June 3rd in order to participate! The money will be used to pay for the items to make this day as fun as possible. We will also use the money to buy pizza, juice, and a few other snacks for the kids to eat throughout the day! Thanks for your help!

Field Day

Friday, June 3rd, 8am

Covington Street Elementary School, Laurinburg, NC, United States

Laurinburg, NC

Field Day will be an exciting time! We encourage families to come and watch their child during this fun filled day! Please keep in mind that we are ALL having fun so downgrading others will not be tolerated! Please mark your calendars for this fun event!


Please keep in mind that library books are due back each Monday. Also remember that if your child would like to take an AR test on their library book they must read it at least 2 times prior to taking the test. This may mean reading it twice in one night or that may mean reading it for 2 nights, whatever your child prefers to do is fine!

Also, PE is on Tuesday. Please make sure that your baby wears appropriate shoes on Tuesday so that they may participate in the activities during PE!

Need me? No problem! Here's my contact info...

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