RSI also known as the Repetitive Strain Injuries are caused because of repetitive physical movement. This poster will show you everything you need to know about RSI and proper ergonomics.
Introduction of Ergonomics
  • pain, aching or tenderness
  • stiffness
  • throbbing
  • tingling or numbness
  • weakness
  • cramp

3 Stages of RSI

Phase 1: Pain is very easy to locate and disappears quickly

Phase 2: Pain is more painful and disappears rapidly

Phase 3: Pain is always there and very painful

Best to see a doctor at phase 1

How to Sit Properly

  • Eye level with text on monitor
  • Neck bend slightly
  • Head is straight
  • Hands and wrists are straight
  • Feet and lower back is supported
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Exercises are helpful in order to prevent RSI. It is important to take breaks while using the computer as it stops wrist and hand pain. Having breaks can also reduce stress and other physical injuries.

Some Exercises

To Recap

What is RSI and what can you to do to prevent it? (

Interesting Facts

  • Every year, 20 billion dollars are claimed by the workers due to RSI.
  • Employees have missed 1.44 million days of work due to RSI.
  • 91% of RSI injuries occur to the wrist, hand, arms, head, neck, back, and shoulders.