The Prairie State


You should go to Illinois! The great sights are wonderful! This state is famous for being the home of Abraham Lincoln. Hope you come to stay!

Economy and Land

Illinois is the best state to live in! Illinois is also called “the Prairie State”. Illinois is great for farming and mining. The Cahokia Mound is one of Illinois most well-known mounds. The Shawnee hills, another landform, are also called the Illinois Ozarks. You can get a great view of Lake Michigan in Illinois. Chicago is a great place to find a stable job. The jobs include machinery work, making electronic products, printing and publishing. In Illinois there are a lot of natural resources like coal, petroleum, crushed stone, sand, gravel, limestone and clay. Farmers grow corn, wheat, oats, fruits, vegetables, and soybeans.

Culture and Fun Facts

The culture of Illinois is the most interesting part of the state. The harvest activities are great if you are a farmer. Illinois hosts the parade for Abraham Lincoln. The festivals held throughout the year feature jazz and blues musicians. Shawnee National forest and Starved Rock State Park are known to be wonderful sites. Abraham Lincoln’s Grave and Lincoln Park zoo are also great sites to see. The state fish is the Bluegill which is a beautiful fish. The state animal is the White-Tailed deer which is a magnificent creature known for it’s tail. The state flower is the Violet which is a pretty purple flower. The state capital of Illinois is Springfield. You should pack up your stuff and take a ride to Illinois!

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