Nathan Adams Elementary

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Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year- Week 1

What an exciting time! New students, new supplies, fresh starts.

Setting Yourself, Your Students and Your Parents up for Success

Consider this, as you become the role model, leader and hero to your students, "Give an elementary student three days, and the student will mirror you"- Charles Galloway. As with your own children, they are always watching you whether you realize it or not. I learned that when my son was 1 1/2 years old. I was trying to hang some curtains and I was frustrated with the process and said, "Dad gummet". Suddenly, from the mouth of my innocent son came the words, "dad, gummet; dad gummet; dad gummet". I've never forgotten that moment, I am a role model for those younger than me. You ARE being watched and modeled.

As these first days unfold, set your routines, set your expectations, and be caring , warm, lovable people.

First Days Routines

Reading Workshop is what the Daily Five was built around. Getting those read to self books (rtsb) and learning how to read the pictures, read the words, and retell it in your mind are three routines that you will be setting up those first weeks of school. Take time to help students get those routines down. Monitor and help those students who don't understand your expectations of reading the WHOLE time. The time you put in on establishing those routines in Reading Workshop the beginning weeks of school will pay off in February where your classroom becomes a humming machine of reading, sharing, and working.

Ensure your students know how to read the whole time, build stamina, pick just right books, and understand all the ways a book can be read. You will be greatly rewarded.