Chowan river basin

5 Important Places

Blackwater, Nottway River, Roanoke, North Carolina, Virginia

River Basin Name


Where It Is Located

North Carolina/ Virginia Line Where The Blackwater And Nottway Rivers Are Located

How Many Miles Of Stream And Rivers Are Included In The Basin

1,298 Miles

How Many People Live In The Basin


Description Of The Basin

The Chowan river basin is 803 miles long. The river basin is located on the line of Virginia and North Carolina. Many animals including fish, bear, and bobcats live in the Chowan River Basin. The Chowan River is also very flat.

Non Point Source Pollution's

Some non point source pollution's include agriculture, animal operations, urban development, forestry, stormwater discharge, rural residential development, hydrologic modifications, and septic systems and crops.

Point Source Pollution's

Some point source pollution's include municipality waste water treatment plants, industrial facilities, and urban and industrial stormwater systems.

A Bad Non Point Source Pollution

A bad non point source pollution would be crops because fields without sufficient crop residue can experience significant erosion that can discharge sediment, pesticides and nutrients to surface waters.

A Point Source Pollution Problem

Upgrading sewage treatment spent 2.6 billion dollars on cleaning it