Course Update

Spring 2017, 4/25/17

Grades for 18 Week, 16 Week, 14 Week, and 12 Week students have been updated. Please log in and view your grades and note your progress in the course!
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Almost there!

We only have two major due dates left (4/26) and (5/3)! Make sure you are logging in frequently in an effort to finish STRONG!

AP Students!

Don't forget to enter 033 as your online provider code on your answer document when taking the AP English Language Exam.

Check Syllabus/Schedule

Be sure to check your syllabus -- don't forget that assignments are due every Wednesday at 11:59pm. Make sure you are following the pacing guide/schedule sent at the beginning of the semester. If you do so, you won't have to submit all of your assignments on the due date. Complete them and submit them as they show up on the pacing guide/schedule.