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May 2015

A Letter From Mrs. Grimenstein and Ms. Weber

Dear Second Grade Families,

We are so excited to share our last Smore of the year with you! The students worked very hard to write articles and letters describing all of the fun activities we participated in this month. Please be sure to click the link below to watch our iMovie Trailers on Vimeo. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Enjoy!

Mrs. Grimenstein & Ms. Weber

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2G's Book Awards By Jason, Robert, and Grayson

Have you ever won a award? In 2G we wrote nomination letters so our books could win awards. Then the judges had to decide. We wrote persuasive letters about different books. We made awards with paper and markers. 2G won awards like most dangerous, most caring, and most helpful. We were most excited for the award ceremony.

Next , we made I movies we made 4 trailers. Some were scary some were silly and some were buttery. For example Grayson's book won the award for Best All About Book. Grayson's book was Minecraft Redstone Handbook. His partner, Camila book was Minecraft Construction Handbook. Jayson's book was Flat Stanley and the Firehouse. His book won most Caring Character.

On award day we had a red carpet and when they said our names we would walk up the red carpet to get our awards. It was so much fun! We hope you enjoy our movies!

Click on the link below to view our trailers!

The End Of The Year Math Test By Rebecca and Mikaela

Have you ever done an easy math test? Because the end of the year math test was easy for me. Because it was all the things we did. My partner, Mikaela said " it was easy because I learned all the things this year". I think a lot of my friends thought it was easy too.

There were many skills on the math test. Some things that were easy were subtraction and addition. Rebecca said addition and measuring was easy. My favorite was addition and measuring. I think everyone did a great on the math test.
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Dear Parents,

In May we got the caterpillars in science. When we got them they were very small. First we put the mallow, the food for the caterpillars, in the cup.We had to pack the mallow down into the cup and it smelled like a fish in the ocean. We put the tiny caterpillars in the cups. The caterpillars ate the mallow and they grew, grew & grew!!! They started molting, that is when they shed their skin.Their skin was on the mallow.

Caterpillars chew from side to side not up & down because there mouth isn't that good.

The caterpillars are trying to make their chrysalis.They nod their heads to make this silk to make the button. He'll also hang off of it to form the chrysalis.

We're so excited to see them turn into butterflies!!!!! Now their cycle is almost done!

Annenberg Children's Festival By Gigi and by Natalia

Dear Parents,

Have you ever seen the dance crew Pilobolus ? We went to see them on our field trip this month. They can make a car out of their bodies. And the had a funny show called Molly's Not Dead. They repeated a line 3 times and it went like this ... Molly's dead she ate some leaves. And a really cool demonstration with jump ropes . They Were demonstrating Sound waves.

After the show you go outside. Outside you can get your face painted like ice cream and more things. You also can make watermelon fans to cool you off. You also can make macaroni people. Lilly liked that Gigi was her partner. Izzy liked the bracelets and Sabrina liked the macaroni people. We had a fun field trip!

WORMS!!!!!!! By Lila and Brady

Dear parents,

This month in 2G, We learned about worms.Did you know that worms make really gooshy soil? When you put in Bananas, banana peels, strawberry's and other composts. Worms help to make fresh healthy soil.When we were finished we released the worms in our garden at school. So that our plants can grow better.

When you release the worms in the dirt they will dig a hole in the dirt and eat the leftovers of food. Then the soil becomes rich composting soil.

If you like worms then you should do this science experiment!!!!!!!!

Dinosaurs By Enya and Linus

This month in school we learned about dinos. Do you now about dinos? Scientists once thought Stegosaurus used leaves for protection. Now they think the Stegosauruses use leaves to make there plates strong. Also most dinos hunted in packs. Lila's favorite dino is Anklyosourus.

Now let's have a quiz.

Who was the first person or animal to find the first dinosaur fossil?

Tray, Smokey,Linus,or Enya.

Did you pick Tray? Thats correct! Well also Mary Anning the owner of Tray the dog.They found three dinos well two lived in the sea.There Ickthasaur,Pleizasaur,and Taradactiyl. The Icktheasaur Tray barked at the bones.Then they became old but famous.We love dinosaurs!

Health Barn By Katie and Matthew

Katie's Report:

Have you ever heard of Heath Barn? Well, if you don't it is a place where children come to eat healthy, cook yummy meals, and plant fruits and veggies. We had a health barn assembly. They taught us about the King and the Queen. The King is exercising and the Queen is eating healthy. You need both to live. We exercised too. We ran in place, did jumping jacks, touched our toes without bending our knees, and more exercises! They also gave us food. There was milk, grapes, cereal, carrots, even alameda. My favorite was the smoothie. I hope you make the right choice to eat healthy and exercise.

Matthew's Report:

Have you ever ate super healthy? If you do you should be happy! Eating healthy is great for your body. You should also exercise once a day to get stronger and healthier. So you should eat bananas,carrots,strawberries and other great stuff. Do you know someone is famous for being healthy? She never eats bad ever! That's why she's on tv news papper and other things. Eating makes you strong so that's why I think you should be healthy. We even had a community meeting about the health barn and their were super healthy foods. And I want to be strong. being healthy doesn't just make you strong it's also great for your body. So if you want to be strong and healthy then listen and do the things I said read some stuff for advice too! ☺️

Open House by Kyle and Willy :)

At Open House we showed our work to our parents. We got to see other grades and are siblings work. Our parents got to see are classes nomination videos.We were proud of our work we wrote.Our favorite thing we showed was the nomination videos, butterflies, awards for our books,and dinosaur folders. We had fun showing our work to our family. We got to see the third grade teachers that we would have. The teachers were Miss.Salazar and Mrs.Adams. We liked looking at all of the third grade work. Liam said, "I liked that our parents got to see all the cool work." Linus said that he liked," watching the nomination videos". What was your favorite part of Open House?

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Visitors By Isabella and Lilly

Have you ever met Mrs.DiCello and Mr.Carthy? We have! They taught us about their cultures. Mrs. DiCello taught us about their food. She is from Japan and she let us make a little Japanese origami hat. Mr.Carthy is from Ireland.He showed us pictures of the castles. Kyle liked Mr.Carthy's vist because he learned about Ireland . Kyle like Mrs.DICello's visit because he liked when he made a little hat.

Have you ever met someone famous ?We have!!! Mr.Fipp and Eric Grimenstein . Eric makes video games and movies. Mr. Fipp is the special teams coach for the Eagles. My favorite part with Mr. Fipp was when Mr.Fipp gave out 10 high fives. Eric showed the first part of the video game he was working on back in California. We love video games and football. Do you?

Thank you to all of our visitors!

Helping Hands By Sabrina ✌️

In May Mrs. Abbott-Gaffney came in and showed us her helping hands. One exercise is the claw hands. Spread your hands out wide then curl them in and squeeze. Another exersice is the I can do it fingers, pick 4 words and say them well touching each finger on your thumb. One more exersice is the slow breathing. Breath in then out. All theses things together help you keep calm and cool!

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